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Make smart use of color, lighting, and glass to give your small kitchen a more open and roomy feel. When a full remodel isn’t practical, you can utilize color, lighting, and glass to totally transform the room’s ambiance without actually replacing everything. If you like the idea of making custom glass and/or mirror part of your kitchen makeover, count on ABC Glass & Mirror to deliver and install what you need. By teaming up with professionals on key projects, you make the DIY aspects of the makeover less stressful and more enjoyable. To learn more about our products and services, call (703)257-7150.

Change the Color Scheme to Visually Expand the Space

expand the space using different color schemes

Bursts of cheerful colors against a backdrop of pale neutrals is perfect for “opening” up a tiny kitchen or making a cramped space more inviting. Painting the walls and ceilings is an obvious first step, but many little kitchens don’t have much wall space, which lessens the impact of a new coat of paint. Another, and possibly more effective, strategy is to sand dark cabinets and paint them white or cream. A fresh new cabinet finish will also draw attention away from old appliances or dated formica countertops that you may not be ready to replace Other possibilities for tweaking the color scheme include:

• Changing out the faucet and cupboard door hardware

• Replacing curtains if there’s a window

• Adding a colorful memory foam kitchen mat in front of the sink

• Buying new dishcloths, hand towels, and pot holders

Transform the Mood with More and Better Lighting Options

Add more lighting to transform moods

Adding lighting choices to your kitchen does NOT have to involved working with wiring! Battery powered LED stick-on lights can be added to baseboards or under the cabinets. These give you more options for illuminating a particular kitchen work area or lighting your way to the fridge for a bedtime snack, but they also give the whole kitchen an upscale feel. If your current ceiling light isn’t powerful enough to fully light up the room, see if you can get brighter bulbs or maybe a new and larger fixture. You can also use lighting that gives character and charm such as real or flameless candles on a ledge above the sink or funky glass globes to re-imagine an existing light fixture.

Put Glass to Work Improving a Small Kitchen’s Atmosphere

Add glass work to your kitchen to improve the space

Here are 3 ways you may have never thought of to visually enlarge a little kitchen:

• Have a white (or other light color) glass backsplash installed above the sink and counters. Backpainted glass is sleek and beautiful. It glistens and reflects, creating a sense of depth. These backsplashes are seamless or nearly seamless, and this continuity further enhances the impression of space.

Cabinet glass can take the place of your cupboards’ wooden door fronts. Using clear glass in this manner visually widens the kitchen and brightens everything up!

add glass to your cabinets

• Custom mirror can also be used in some tiny kitchens. Mirror is an unusual but interesting backsplash option (just keep it out of areas where splatters happen). If there is a section of bare wall space anywhere in the kitchen, hanging a small geometrically shaped mirror there can help with the overall impression as well as the sense of space.

add a custom mirror to your kitchen

ABC Glass & Mirror Makes It Easy to Add Glass!

Along with the glass installations already discussed, we do glass shelving, glass partitions walls, and much more. Whenever you wish to make part of your home feel more open and spacious, glass and mirror have a role to play! Call to learn more and schedule a free consultation – (703)257-7150.

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