Use mirror and clear glass to give a small bathroom a more spacious ambiance. When you can’t actually expand a room’s dimensions, making it look and feel roomier is the next best thing. Check out our tips for putting glass and mirror to work in this way.

Clear Shower Glass Visually Extends Boundaries

clear shower glass

Replace your shower curtain or obscure glass doors with clear glass. If the inside of the tub or shower stall is hidden, making it visible will visually extend the bathroom’s borders. If you have a tub and shower combo, you can add clear rolling “barn style” doors, a door beside a fixed panel, or a shower screen. Both rolling doors and stationary shower screens are good options if there’s not enough clearance for a swinging door to open. On the other hand, maybe your small bathroom has a single shower stall. A clear glass swinging door can make all the difference in this situation.

Add Clear Glass Shelving for Low Profile Storage

modern glass shelves

Compact bathrooms are often lacking in storage, but glass shelves are a fantastic option.

• They can be customized to sizes that work for your bathroom and don’t have to extend too far out from the wall.

• Clear shelving has minimal visual impact and doesn’t overwhelm your limited space.

• Adding more storage surfaces allows you keep things tidy and organized rather than cluttered and crowded.

• The shelves themselves are simple but beautiful wall ornaments. They serve a dual purpose in bathrooms without enough wall space

custom glass shelves
to hang pictures.

• If you don’t have floor space to add cabinets or free standing shelves,glass shelves can be added to otherwise “wasted” space, such as the wall above the toilet.

Make the Most of Your Bathroom’s Vanity Mirror

custom vanity mirror

Every bathroom needs a vanity mirror, but you can choose one that helps the bathroom feel larger. For example, extending the vanity mirror up to the ceiling gives the walls a sense of height. You could also choose a vanity mirror that goes from one wall to the other. Not only does this create an illusion of depth, but it provides more usable mirror space if two people need the mirror at the same time. Since wall space is limited in a little bathroom, you can pick out a vanity mirror that’s also an attractive wall hanging. Consider “antique” style mirror glass or a mirror in a special shape, such as diamond or circle. If space allows, you can hang a second small mirror above a makeup table to get some of the convenience of a double vanity. Finally, if you’re designing the layout of the small bathroom, consider putting the vanity across from a window so that the mirror reflects natural light.

Re-Invent the Vanity with Clear Cabinet Glass

clear cabinet glass

Replacing your vanity’s wooden door fronts with clear glass is another trick for improving the atmosphere in a tiny bathroom. The transparent door fronts give a sense of openness, and the glass brings sparkle and shine. This small modification can also update the look of an old vanity, especially if you also change out the door handles. Hint: putting bins and baskets inside the vanity makes it easier to keep your belongings tidy once they are no longer hidden behind wooden door fronts!

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