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If you are adding or remodeling a bathroom, it’s crucial to get the shower enclosure right. From the design of the stall to the type of shower head used, each aspect of the shower enclosure should come together to create a miniature spa right in your own house.

So many amenities are available to home-improvers today that it is not difficult to exchange a boring, utilitarian shower area for a glamorous oasis of relaxation and renewal. This checklist can help you remember some of the key aspects of shower enclosure design, but you don’t have to go it alone.

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Stall Design

One of the most basic aspects of the shower area is the stall dimensions. Shower stalls today can be square, rectangular, triangular, neo-angle, L-shaped, or another custom layout. Once you’ve determined the overall design of the enclosure, you can explore door options, etc.

Type of Door – Several types of glass doors are used on shower enclosures.

•    Swinging door or doors
•    Bypass doors
•    Frameless sliding door or doors

In selecting a door, you want to keep in mind issues such as clearance, accessibility, aesthetics, and the particular needs of those who will be using the unit.

Amount of Framing

Another important variable on a glass shower enclosure is the amount of aluminum framing used. Modern homeowners can choose from among framelesssemi-frameless, and framed configurations.

Type of Glass

Shower enclosures are typically constructed from tempered glass for safety and stability. This tempered glass can be clear, ultra-clear, tinted, patterned or frosted in appearance. However, many home-improvers want glass with a protected surface for longevity and ease of cleaning. To achieve this, consider ShowerGuard glass or glass that has been treated with EnduroShield.

Hardware Style

In most cases you will also have options with regard to the style and finish of your handles, hinges, framing, and towel bar.

Tile Work

Picking the perfect tile is a key aspect of the project, especially if you will be showing it off by using a clear glass shower enclosure. It is also important to coordinate each aspect of the project; for instance, avoid using raised or detailed tile where hinges will be installed.


It is important to consider the option of including a seat or bench inside the shower enclosure. This can be part of an age-in-place plan, but it can also simply make your shower experience more refreshing.


It is also necessary for the curb to be correctly angled to avoid leakage issues. However, curbless shower enclosures are  rising in popularity, so you may want to do some research and determine which style best meets your needs.

Shower Head

Overlooking the importance of this fixture would be a big mistake. Shower head options abound with everything from budget friendly wall-mounted shower heads to feature-filled systems with multiple sprays.


The extra amenities available for a shower enclosure can help you succeed in creating a resort-like oasis in your bathroom. These include glass shelves in the enclosure, an aromatherapy kit for the shower head, and steam shower options.

While this checklist in not exhaustive, it should help you begin the process of designing your brand new shower. Remember – for all aspects relating to the glass enclosure, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is here with expert tips, insights based on glass experience, and professionalism and customer care throughout the project! Give us a call today at 703-257-7150!

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