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Thinking about shower doors vs. curtains is a normal part of bathroom renovation in today’s home improvement world. While the pros and cons of each can be weighed, it’s true that high end renovations typically include glass shower doors rather than curtains. Here are some of the reasons homeowners opt for glass over cloth or vinyl for water containment in the shower area.

1. Glass shower doors are classy and give the space a more upscale look. This is ultimately a matter of personal taste, but the general consensus is that shower doors are the more aesthetically pleasing of the two choices.

2. Shower doors made of clear glass let you show off your shower tile. When you cover the shower walls with attractive stone, porcelain, ceramic, or glass tile, it’s a shame to hide them behind a curtain.

Today’s frameless shower designs are free of metal strips and really allow you to simultaneously showcase glass and tile elements. Moreover, specialty glass choices such as low-iron and ShowerGuard appeal to homeowners who want a shower defined by flawlessly transparent glass.

3. Common shower curtain issues also push home improvers toward glass doors.

•  If the curtain and liner are not adjusted properly, they can allow water to stream out of the enclosure and onto your bathroom floor.

•  Shower curtain liners feel damp and clammy if you brush up against them while showering.
•  When not neatly arranged, the shower curtain will look tacky and drag down the overall visual impression made by your bathroom.

4. Custom shower doors offer high-level functionality paired with versatility. When a homeowner decides to order a custom glass shower, she or he will have many choices to make in terms of type of glass, hardware style, hardware finish, door type, stall dimensions and so on. Here are some examples.

•  Type of enclosure: frameless, semi-frameless, framed.
•  Kind of glass: clear, ultra-clear, frosted, patterned, tinted, cast.
•  Door style: swinging, bypass, frameless sliding.
•  Stall designs: corner shower, in-line door and panel, neo-angle, right angle, walk-in.

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