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Designing the perfect frameless shower for your bathroom does not have to be difficult. Working with ABC Glass and Mirror, you’ll have the benefit of our decades of glass experience through every step of the project from design to installation. Would you like to learn more and get tips and pricing related to your particular project? Call our shop at (703)257-7150 and set up a free in-home consultation and estimate.

Lots of Shower Configuration Options

custom glass shower enclosure

One way we make it easy to order the perfect glass shower is by offering lots of options. Do you need bathtub doors? Doors for a shower stall? A glass corner shower? A custom glass enclosure? We’ve got you covered, and there are more options within each category. For example, popular choices include rolling “barn style” doors, in-line door and panel systems, and neo-angle corner showers. With lots of possibilities for door dimensions, method of operation, number of fixed panels, and so on, you can find the configuration that addresses your practical necessities as well as your aesthetic vision for the room.

Many Ways to Customize the Glass Shower

custom semi-frameless and frameless showers

Once you’ve found the right configuration for your shower area, there are more ways to tailor the glass shower to your needs and wants. For example, some styles can be frameless or semi-frameless, depending on what you prefer. Another important decision is the type of glass to use. Clear is the trending choice, but frosted, patterned, and tinted glass options are also available if you want a more private shower area or a different look. Often, there are a variety of choices for the handle style, hinge style, and hardware finish, too. Every option you pick out comes together so that the finished product is truly your dream shower.

Professional Design Help from Day One

we provide professional design help

At ABC Glass and Mirror we offer each potential client a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation. Before you commit to any glass shower choices, you can meet with one of our knowledgeable estimators. The estimator will inspect and carefully measure your shower area, taking detailed notes. He will go over the workable product options and can offer tips and insights based on his experience in the glass shower industry. You can also view product samples and get answers to all your questions. Working with us, you don’t have to worry about falling into common pitfalls or needing to go back and make costly changes due to a flawed design. After your consultation, we’ll email you a price quote to review and consider in the comfort of your home.

Installation by Trained Glass Teams from ABC

custom frameless shower

A design can be perfect on paper, but this is irrelevant if the installed glass does not live up to the design. While some projects are perfect for DIY, calling in the professionals for custom glass shower installation makes a lot of sense. The ABC team starts off on the road to success by custom fabricating the pieces of glass in accord with the measurements and observations taken by our estimator. It will be cut to fit correctly in your bathroom, accommodating for any irregularities such as:

• Out of level surfaces.

• Out of plumb walls.

our installation team will carefully put glass into place

• Corners more or less than 90 degrees.

Once everything is ready, we’ll schedule installation and one of our teams will carefully put the shower glass in place. We also provide care instructions for the period immediately after install as well as long term maintenance.

Count on ABC for Glass Shower Success without Stress

luxury shower enclosure

Enjoy the luxury of showering in a gorgeous glass enclosure without the headache and guesswork of a DIY project. As a local, family business ABC Glass and Mirror is small enough to give your shower design and installation the time and attention it deserves and large enough to offer the quality, options, and professionalism that are at the root of our lasting relationships with commercial and residential clients. To learn more or make your consultation appointment, call (703)257-7150!

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