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One large mirror or two smaller mirrors? This is a question you’ll have to answer if you’re remodeling your master bath or building your dream home. There is no short answer to this question, as either option is acceptable in the design world provided it is done well. The best vanity mirror choice for you depends on personal taste, room style, and practical considerations.

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One Large Mirror: Pros, Cons, and Options

Installing a single mirror across your double vanity gives you more reflective glass overall. Moreover a large wall mirror creates the illusion of space, visually extending the bathroom beyond its four walls. Large bathroom vanity mirrors also reflect more light than two small mirrors, so consider this if the space is low on natural lighting.  A large mirror might also be best if you want to reflect a window opposite the vanity.

On the other hand, a large mirror might have a less “custom” look. However, this can be mitigated by choosing a unique mirror frame. Finally, one large mirror may not be able to enhance the period feel of a vintage, retro, or antique style bathroom in the way that two separate mirrors can.

If you decide to go with one large mirror, keep in mind that you can tailor it to your décor in a few different ways.

  • If you are trying to preserve the elegant feel of an older home, consider a gold framed mirror with antique mirror glass.
  • Make a statement in a contemporary or transitional bathroom by choosing a large mirror that is not square or rectangular, but a circle or an octagon.
  • Keep in mind that an oversize custom mirror can be used to make your bathroom feel more spacious. Large frameless mirrors that extend up to the ceiling and wall mirrors that cover the entire wall behind a pedestal sink are examples of this technique.

Two Smaller Mirrors: Pros, Cons, and Options

Mirrors over each sink emphasize the “double” nature of your vanity and look more like wall hangings than one large frameless mirror. Dual vanity mirrors increase your ability to make a style statement with mirror frames; choose two matching frames or two different but complementary frames. Moreover, two smaller mirrors in ornate or rustic frames can further the old world feel of a bathroom with antique sinks or a vanity that’s a repurposed heirloom cabinet.

The main “con” of two smaller mirrors is simply the reduced amount of mirror glass they provide. Prior to finalizing a decision, the users of the bathroom should ascertain whether the mirror space offered by two smaller mirrors would be sufficient.

Most of the time, the two mirrors installed above double sinks are perfect matches. This symmetrical approach is visually pleasing and a safe bet in terms of resale appeal. However, you can also be more daring and utilize mirrors with different sizes, shapes, or framing. If you are considering a bold decorating move like this, try to use technology or simple paper cutouts to get a feel for how it will look before the mirrors are adhered to your walls.

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