As summer winds down, our thoughts turn from beachfront fun to colorful leaves and cozy evenings by the fire. Embrace the beauty of fall by making seasonal changes and additions to your home décor. 

Fall Is the Time to Prep for Winter

Fall is a great time to make improvements and repairs to your home’s efficiency before the cold weather sets in. Before adding fun seasonal décor, make sure your home is functional and energy-friendly. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can help with:

  • Replacing damaged window glass that lets in drafts.
  • Upgrading to high performance vinyl replacement windows with argon gas and Low-E coatings.
  • Repairing or replacing problematic patio doors.

Give Your Living Room Seasonal Fall Flair

Celebrating the colors of fall is a great way to set the mood. Look for earthy browns and greens accented by bursts of yellow, orange, and scarlet. In the living room, it’s easy to achieve this with accent pillows in colors like gold and burnt orange. You can also quickly create a fall themed gallery wall. Include:

  • A collage of waxed leaves.
  • Several framed pieces of patterned fabric in earthy hues.
  • A photograph of a local fall scene.
  • A small custom wall mirror.

Filling candy dishes with nuts and adding candles with fall scents to the mantle-piece can complete the effect. 

Dining Décor to Fit the Season

To bring your dining room in sync with fall, you can start by simply filling a wooden bowl with seasonal vegetables and making it the dining room centerpiece. This can be dressed up by placing it atop a custom cut circular mirror. Tapers in vintage metal candlesticks make the perfect finishing touch. If you have a hutch with clear cabinet glass, make sure that what’s behind it are fall themed coffee cups or serving dishes. This might even be the time to consider making the switch to cabinet glass if your hutch’s cupboard door fronts have become worn and scratched!

Make a Good First Impression

Even your home’s entryway can benefit from seasonal accents and colors. Purchase a large floor vase from a discount home store or even a local flea market and fill it with branches of colorful autumn leaves. (Just be sure to replace them once the leaves become dry and crumbly.) If you enjoy adding seasonal and holiday-themed decorations to your home, you could have a small glass shelf hung in the entryway. Place a couple timeless and attractive items on it and then fill the rest with seasonal pieces that you change out over the course of the year. 

Easy Bathroom Transformation

Even the bathroom can be beautified with the natural wonders of fall. A vase of fall wildflowers and grasses reflected in the vanity mirror will instantly add charm to the space. Other easy autumnal flair includes seasonal hand towels, soap in a fall scent, and a log tea-light holder.  

Work with the Experts at ABC

We’ll leave the creative fall decorating to you, but ABC Glass and Mirror offers the glass and mirror needed to spruce up your home this fall. We’ve been bringing beautiful, high quality products to local homeowners for over a decade. So if you need a new glass shower enclosure, more energy efficient windows, a framed mirror, or some other glass creation, give our team a call at 703-257-7150. Our friendly office staff and experienced team of glaziers works with you every step of the way from selecting the items through the installation. Call Monday through Friday and schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our glass specialists. Beautifying your home with us is as easy as ABC!