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Update your kitchen or bathroom with a seamless back painted glass backsplash. This glass is an appealing alternative to both tile and painted drywall behind your kitchen and bathroom counters. Although they look nice, grout and textured surfaces can make it difficult to keep tile backsplashes clean and fresh. Painted drywall is a truly problematic backsplash material since it is prone to to staining, peeling, and water damage. Back painted glass offers a number of features that set it apart as a premiere backsplash option:

  • No grout lines.
  • A smooth, easily washed surface.
  • Ability to withstand moisture.
  • Offered in unlimited custom colors.

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Back Painted Glass Backsplash: Kitchen Installations

Consider a back painted glass backsplash for your kitchen. Walls behind sinks and stoves are prone to discoloration and damage from water droplets, grease, soap suds, and food splatters. Peeling paint, stained grout, and grimy tiles all detract from the clean, fresh ambiance every kitchen should have. Covering the walls behind your countertops with glass wall panels helps keep your space hygienic and up to date.

Depending on how much wall space you need covered, ABC will create your glass backsplash from one or more sections of back painted glass. We take your design goals and practical concerns seriously and will work with you to make the backsplash as seamless as possible. If present, seams consist of unobtrusive caulk joints that keep the focus on the sheets of colored glass. The exact structure of a backsplash is determined by factors such as kitchen layout, room dimensions, and the location of appliances.

Seamless Back Painted Glass Backsplash for Your Bathroom

A back painted glass backsplash is also a smart choice for your new or renovated restroom. Bathroom backsplash areas get rough treatment from water drops, toothpaste mishaps, hairspray residue, and so on. Choosing a glass backsplash means protecting this wall space with durable glass that holds up to moisture, resists staining, and is easily restored to pristine beauty during your weekly cleaning routine. If there are outlets or light switches on the wall, it is not a problem since custom cutouts can be added to accommodate them. Your backsplash can also be tailored to offer the look you want with options ranging from stock white to bright custom colors.

ABC Glass and Mirror Is Your Partner in Choosing a Back Painted Glass Backsplash

Many homeowners are new to the world of back painted glass. ABC’s staff of experienced glaziers is here to help each step of the way.

  • We start with a no-cost, no-obligation consultation at your home.
  • Our estimator goes over the process, answers questions, offers suggestions, and takes the appropriate measurements.
  • You receive an emailed quote to consider.
  • You place your order, and we gather all that is needed to complete the project.
  • The installation appointment is scheduled.
  • A team of glass professionals puts your glass backsplash in place using precise techniques.

To learn more or make your appointment, give ABC Glass and Mirror a call at (703)257-7150.