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Become more savvy about home design and utilize these helpful tips when remodeling your master bath.

Open Up the Space

Open up your bathroom both visually and organizationally. One of the most effective tools for making the spacelook open and roomy is clear glass. Make this your material of choice for the shower door or enclosure and continue the theme when selecting other fixtures such as lamp globes, a glass vessel sink, and so forth.

You also want to ensure that the bathroom really is open and easy to walk through. Only select a swinging shower door if there is ample clearance around the shower entrance. Otherwise, the open door becomes a barrier to smooth traffic flow in the bathroom. Tidiness is also an important element of an open, spacious atmosphere, and clear glass shelves are ideal. These do not visibly “fill up” space, but they provide you with surfaces on which to store items that might be cluttering your floor and vanity top.

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Create a Transitional Style by Integrating Modern Pieces

You don’t have to totally revamp your master bath in order to bring it up to speed with today’s décor trends. A transitional look that blends classic and contemporary elements is quite popular at the moment. Possibilities include:

• Backsplash made of Dreamwalls back-painted glass.

• Frameless shower door or enclosure.

• Polished edge vanity mirrors in geometric shapes.

• Toilet partition made of privacy glass.

• Modern vanity fashioned from reclaimed barnwood.

Be Thoughtful in Your Color Selections

Take the time to thoughtfully plan your bathroom color scheme. The master bath is a great place to create a spa-inspired ambience, so veer toward colors that are calming and impart a sense of cleanliness and hygiene. One option is to paint the walls a pale or neutral shade that acts as a backdrop for your other color choices. Certain selections, such as white for your towel color, have lots of power to create a certain mood within the restroom.

Ensure That Your Upgraded Master Bath is Functional and Convenient

As you add beauty to your master bathroom and create an appealing ambience, don’t neglect practical considerations. Examples include:

• A wide vanity with two sinks and two mirrors.

• Convenient shower entrance that is sufficiently wide and well-placed.

• Plenty of shelving and cupboards for handy storage.

• Sufficient robe hooks and towel bars.

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