Considering a new shower door? Don’t finalize your decision without taking a look at rolling barn style shower door systems. These bring together the appealing features of various doors and enclosures:

Also, barn style shower door units can be customized to meet your practical needs as well as your aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re creating a farmhouse style bathroom, modernizing a dated shower, or simply replacing your shower curtain with glass, rolling shower doors are an excellent choice.

Rolling Door with Fixed Panel Design

One popular configuration is a rolling glass door alongside a fixed piece of glass. Several variations are available, but the general look and functionality is the same. The door hangs from a header that spans the shower entry. Rollers allow the door panel to glide along the header and pass in front of the stationary glass as it opens. These systems offer a sleek design, simple door operation, reliable water containment, and a timeless style that matches most bathroom themes.

Dual Roller Barn Style Shower Doors

If you prefer more versatility, check out the dual roller option, which has two moving panels. Both doors are attached to the header with rollers and can glide past one another to open. A dual roller system allows you to enter the shower from either side. The look is similar to that of other barn style shower doors, but with an additional set of rollers for the second door. As with other custom showers, you can choose from assorted hardware finishes so the shower doors match the rest of the bathroom.

90 Degree Return Options

When a shower area is already surrounded by walls on three sides, all that’s needed is the door system itself. However, some showers are open on two or three sides and require more glass. One or more 90 degree return panels can be installed to complete the glass enclosure and ensure that water droplets stay inside the shower. 90 degree returns are available whether you prefer a single or double barn style shower door system.

Innovative Glass Header for Less Metal

Metal headers have been the norm for rolling shower doors, but glass headers are now available for dual roller door units. This minimizes the amount of metal and creates a fully frameless look. These glass headers are made of laminated tempered glass. Tempered glass is 4-5 times more durable than normal glass. However, this alone would not make for a reliable header. The glass is also laminated, which means that it is composed of various layers of tempered glass adhered to interlayers (similar to windshield glass). Before going on the market, the glass header was subjected to extensive testing including being beaten with a hammer and remaining intact and functional!!

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