The sleek and elegant design of a frameless glass shower door allows it to revolutionize a bathroom that is boring or out of style. With the versatile options offered by the glass specialists at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., it is easy to find the perfect frameless door to spruce up your bathroom.

What Makes Frameless Shower Doors Special?

Frameless glass shower enclosures offer a much different look than the framed structures of old. While built from heavy glass for stability and safety, the atmosphere they generate is one that is light and airy. Frameless units also enhance the open concept decorating that is so popular today, and this is because they are built from pristine sheets of tempered glass that are free of aluminum framing around the edges. This yields a shower stall that is transparent yet shimmering, a structure that improves the entire ambiance of the space.

Help for a Small Bathroom

Adding a frameless shower door or enclosure is an effective method for giving a small bathroom a feeling of spaciousness. Without the delineating lines created by a system of framing, a frameless unit built from clear glass effectively unites the shower with the rest of the room’s floor space. Thus, whether you are inside or outside the enclosure, a sense of roominess is present. Here are some specific choices you can make to put your frameless glass shower to work improving your small bathroom:

  • Have the enclosure extend up to the ceiling. This draws the eye upward and can create the impression of high ceilings.
  • Opt for clear glass.
  • Make sure the shower dimensions are proportional to the size of the bathroom. It should neither overwhelm the space nor be unnecessarily compact.

Frameless Glass: a Team Player in Bathroom Décor

Frameless shower glass is a great partner for other attractive décor you may wish to include in your updated bathroom. Here are some examples:

  • With a clear frameless shower enclosure there is nothing blocking the view of the tile you have chosen for your shower stall.
  • Unframed glass is simple yet elegant, and it coordinates with traditional, transitional, and contemporary bathroom designs.
  • A frameless glass shower will pair perfectly with other fixtures such as glass shelving or cabinet glass on the vanity doors.

Adding a Frameless Glass Shower Can Be as Easy as ABC!

Partnering with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. makes it easy to bring a new frameless shower enclosure into your bathroom. We start you off on the right foot by offering a free in-home consultation with one of our knowledgeable estimators. This allows you to view product samples, get answers to your questions, and benefit from suggestions from a glass expert.

Next, we email you a price quote, and after you have made your selections we begin fabricating and ordering everything needed to create your glass shower. Once it’s all prepared, we call you to make the final installation appointment. A trained team then installs the frameless unit in your bathroom. From start to finish, your project receives the personalized care and attention it deserves. Call family-owned and operated ABC Glass and Mirror at 703-257-7150 and begin your journey toward an improved shower and bathroom!