well developed kitchen with chairs around the center island

The growing market for furniture made of barn wood and other reclaimed lumber stems from the increasing number of Americans who have fallen in love with these one-of-a-kind, environmentally friendly tables, chairs, head boards, dressers, vanities, and more. While each piece includes a story from the past, barn wood furniture can showcase any style from contemporary to rustic and from shabby chic to traditional.


What’s more, whether you’re looking for chairs to complement your glass table top, living room accessories that coordinate with your stone fireplace, or a unique vanity to pair with your custom shower enclosure, you can be confident that reclaimed wood makes the perfect partner for today’s trends in building materials, including stone, glass, metal, and natural-edged wood.


While old barns are popular sites for salvaging timber, woodworkers are also reclaiming lumber from sources like shipping crates and gym floors. Wherever the wood is from, it offers the builder unique character as well as the opportunity to uncover the loveliness of the grain below a surface that might be marred by flaking paint or the ravages of time.


Working with reclaimed lumber can mean discovering that a packing crate is made of exotic wood or realizing that the painted lines on an old gym floor are assets that can be incorporated into a modern table or chair. Not only does up-cycled wood yield a special style in furniture, but it is a very “green” choice that makes use of serviceable timber that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill. In fact, barn wood furniture can be seen as environmental consciousness at its best, incorporating nature-friendly practices while providing functional and attractive furniture that can be used for decades.


well spaced kitchen with wooden cabinets and an island in the center

One Virginia woodworker, Mike Schmiedicke, has made barn wood furniture his second career through his Strong Oaks Woodshop – https://www.etsy.com/shop/BarnWoodFurniture. The Strong Oaks team specializes in repurposing wood from old barns and other buildings that are going to be demolished. This reclaimed wood is transformed into everything from interior doors to coffee tables, dining tables, vanities, guitar racks, prayer kneelers, bar stools, islands, custom kitchen cabinetry, and more.


The popularity of the Strong Oaks Woodshop’s made-to-order barn wood items is a testament to both the superior craftsmanship put into each piece and the appreciation that today’s home decorators have for meaningful, personalized home furnishings.


If you want to pair reclaimed wood furnishings with the chic elegance of custom glass, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is here with the home accessories you need. From shower enclosures to glass shelving, from cabinet glass to mirrors, we offer special items tailored to your needs and personal taste. Great possibilities for blending glass and barn wood décor include:


•    Clear glass tabletop to protect your dining table from the damage inflicted by school projects or toddlers with forks.
•    Custom framed mirror to hang above your rustic barn wood vanity.
•    Frosted cabinet glass that complements the old-fashioned flair of your butcher-block island.


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