Glass and mirror may not be the first materials that come to mind when you think of a kitchen remodel, but they are perfect for updating your kitchen’s style and boosting its convenience. Unlike some of the other surfaces found in kitchens, glass does not absorb odors or spills, and it’s easy to clean and sanitize. Its inherent sheen brightens up any atmosphere and its smooth exterior is fresh and sleek. Check out some of the ways you can put custom glass and mirror to work in your kitchen design.

Cabinet Glass Transforms Kitchen Cupboards

If your existing cupboards have wood door panels surrounded by a frame, you can update the cabinets’ look. Clear, patterned, and frosted cabinet glass products are available. You can use the same kind of glass throughout the kitchen or mix it up. One strategy is to use clear glass on cupboards containing glassware, china, wooden bowls, etc. and choose vision-obscuring glass for the others. Likewise, some cupboard doors can be fitted with cabinet glass and others left “as is” if you want a new look with less expense.

Mirror Glass Can Make a Kitchen Feel Larger

While reflective glass isn’t frequently installed in a kitchen, a mirror is the perfect wall hanging for some kitchens. Decorate a bare wall with a custom mirror or hang a mirror where it will reflect a kitchen window or other beautiful feature of the room. When decorating with mirror in a kitchen setting, you’ll want to avoid spaces that are prone to high heat, grease splatters, rogue water droplets, and the like.

Glass as a Protective Topper or Stand Alone Top

Glass can also be put to work in a kitchen with a bar, island, or breakfast table. One possibility is to have a piece of glass cut in the same dimensions as the existing bar, island, or table top. This panel can be placed on the existing surface for a fresh new look. Clear glass simply adds sheen, while frosted, patterned, and back painted glass make a more dramatic difference. Alternatively, you can create a custom piece by ordering a tempered glass top to be secured on a pedestal or support system.

Pick Your Color – Back Painted Glass Backsplashes

Among all the options for a kitchen backsplash, back painted glass stand out in a few ways. Features include:

• Seamless or almost seamless surface.
• No grout lines.
• Available in stock colors as well as special-ordered color-matched shades.
• Easy to clean and disinfect.
• Cut to fit perfectly on your kitchen walls.
• Can include cutouts for outlets, light switches, etc.

A custom glass shop such as ABC Glass and Mirror can deliver and install a glass backsplash tailored to your design preferences and the dimensions of your kitchen.

Glass Shelves on Walls or in Cupboards

As open shelving rises in popularity, don’t overlook the option of custom glass shelves in your kitchen. These shelves can replace some of your upper cabinets, add storage on neglected wall space, or replace drooping shelves inside your cabinets. Glass shelves are customizable by way of dimensions, glass type, and supports. No matter the style of your kitchen, coordinating glass and shelf supports are available, making it easy to add this kind of shelving to your space while maintaining a specific theme or fashion.

Learn more about using custom glass and mirror in your kitchen – or elsewhere in your home – with a phone call to your local, family-owned glass shop, ABC Glass and Mirror: (703)257-7150.