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Stop using harsh toxins to clean your frameless glass shower doors, choose organic and homemade solvents instead.  Daily living and commuting in the Fairfax and Northern Virginia area exposes homeowners and their families to polluti


Dealing with pollution and its effects are part of the daily battle when living in a metropolitan area, so it is important to keep your home free of any unnecessary contamination from unnatural cleaners.   Families are always looking for alternatives to toxic chemicals to clean their homes.


This is especially the case when you have multiple frameless glass shower doors in the home or many, many windows.  The good news is a lot of people have chosen to go back to “basics” which help to eliminate some of the illnesses that can be attributed to cleaners with toxic chemicals.


Some of these “basics” are age-old recipes for making homemade cleaning solutions for your home and bathroom.


Homemade Solutions to Clean Your Frameless Shower Door Glass

Ingredients that you can find in your home will provide a natural clean that will keep you from breathing in chemicals that will cause illness and injury.  Some of the best everyday ingredients for cleaning are vinegar, lemon, rubbing alcohol, cornstarch and the universal solvent…water!  People also find certain essential oils can have wonderful cleaning properties.


Plain vinegar can be used to clean glass and almost anything else in the home, but the smell can sometimes be overwhelming.  According to the website a wonderful recipe that will clean most anything and is friendlier to one’s sense of smell:


•    2 cups of water (distilled or filtered is best to avoid residue
•    2 tablespoons vinegar
•    10 drops of essential oils of your choice


Next, the website has indicated that you can create a good cleaning mixture by mixing 2 tbsp. rubbing alcohol with 1 qt. water in a quart-size container.  The second solution that was suggested tells you to mix equal amounts of distilled white vinegar and warm water in a new spray bottle for cleaning.


The last two mixtures use cornstarch and are consider by many users to be the best of the homemade cleaners.  According to some user testing by the website  the two best contenders for first place in the glass cleaning department are:


•    1/4 c. white vinegar
•    1 Tbsp. cornstarch
•    2 c. warm water



Alvin Corn Homemade Glass Cleaner


•    1/4 c. rubbing alcohol
•    1/4 c. white vinegar
•    1 Tbsp. cornstarch
•    2 c. warm water


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