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Today’s glass shower enclosures unite minimalism and functionality. Fewer and fewer metal components are needed, so simple sheets of heavy glass dominate the design. Thanks to the myriad of products on the market today, most shower stalls can be fitted with a frameless glass door or enclosure.

Single Door Glass Shower Enclosures

Single glass door shower enclosure

A frameless glass door will make your shower so much more elegant than a curtain or framed door. Working with a custom glass company such as ABC Glass & Mirror, you can tweak the door design to match your bathroom and your preferences. For example, there are many choices for the glass:

• Clear – standard clear or ultra-clear low iron

• Acid Etched – completely “frosted” surface or etched designs

• Patterned – wide variety of textured glass patterns

• Tinted – bronze or gray

With all these choices, you can design a door that meets your needs, whether that means creating a spacious ambiance with clear glass or making the shower more private with an acid etched glass door.

Frameless Rolling “Barn Style” Doors

Rolling frameless barn style door

In the not too distant past, your options were limited to framed or semi-frameless products if there wasn’t enough clearance for a swinging shower door. However, you can now enjoy the space efficiency of rolling doors along with the stylishness of a frameless unit. A rolling “barn style” shower door is a piece of frameless glass that is suspended from and rolls along a header. You can choose a unit with dual rolling doors or a single door that rolls past a panel of fixed glass. With either option, additional pieces of stationary glass can be installed as needed to completely enclose the shower area. Also, an extremely durable glass header is now available if you want even less metal.

Shower Screens Create More Possibilities

custom glass shower screens

A shower screen is a single panel of hinged or stationary glass. When a shower is already enclosed on three sides a fixed glass screen can be installed to partially enclose the remaining side while leaving an open entryway. This “walk-in” shower option is very accessible, especially if you also make the shower curbless. Like other frameless shower designs, shower screens can be tailored to your convenience and décor. ABC Glass & Mirror, for instance, offers a range of glass choices and either square or rounded corners. Opting for a simple shower screen can help a small bathroom and/or shower stall seem larger. Also, the minimalist design makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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contact abc glass to find out which shower enclosure is best for you

Wondering which glass shower option is best for your situation? ABC Glass & Mirror invites you to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate. Call our shop at (703)257-7150 and make an appointment for a glass shower expert to visit your home, inspect the shower area, take measurements, show you samples, and answer all your questions. We follow up with an emailed quote for you to consider in the comfort of your home. Once your order is place, we fabricate/order the necessary components and set up an install appointment. The glass shower is put in place by a professional crew, making a hassle-free process from beginning to end!

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