Clutter in a house is common, but it can keep our homes from being the relaxing havens we need amid life’s busyness. Why? For starters, clutter is like a nagging “to do” list that’s always hanging over our heads – every time we notice it, we’re reminded that some tidying up is in order. Also, clutter is visually “busy.” Simplicity and order generate a feeling of peace, but clutter is the enemy of both. All that being said, your definition of clutter and mine are probably different. One person’s minimalist décor might be described as stark and sterile by another. Here are a few approaches to reaching your desired level of uncluttered living.

Find Motivation to Purge

Most of us do have items in our houses that aren’t used or that are no longer in good working condition. However, going through our belongings to collect and get rid of these things can be a real chore. If decluttering your living space isn’t a strong enough reason to get started, look for a deeper purpose. For example, disadvantaged persons could use the items that are nice but simply not used anymore. Good stewardship of the environment is another factor – much of what we get rid of can be recycled, reused, or repurposed.

Create Clear Standards for What Will Go and What Will Stay

We can spend a lot of time agonizing over whether to keep, donate, or throw away particular items. Coming up with criteria beforehand doesn’t necessarily eliminate this, but it can make the process easier. If you’re sorting through clothing, for instance, you might decide that all torn or stained items go in the trash, items you haven’t worn in the past two months are donated, and everything else is kept. Similar guidelines can be made for other stuff such as kitchen utensils, knick knacks, board games, and so on.

Solve the Problem Through Storage Space

On the other hand, some families are good about keeping belongings to a reasonable amount but still experience cluttered living space. The problem might be a lack of storage space or a storage system that doesn’t match your organizational style. Insufficient floor space and expense are two factors that keep families from adding the storage they need. Consider a creative solution:


  • Add open shelving to unused wall space or in a corner.
  • Repurpose an old piece of furniture as a stylish storage option. A piece that’s languishing in your attic or garage can be rejuvenated with new paint, glass door fronts, fresh knobs, and so forth.
  • Make existing storage surfaces more functional by adding baskets or bins.

Whatever storage options you choose, make sure you’ll actually use them. For instance, some people avoid multi-step putting away processes. If you’re one of them, you’ll want to steer clear of lidded containers or complex organizational systems. Use open shelving, easy to access bins, etc. instead.

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