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A mudroom is a small room off a home’s back door or garage entrance that’s meant to contain muddy boots, wet coats, and the like. Mudrooms are super useful for keep the rest of the house more clean and tidy, but the space itself can also be an attractive and welcoming part of the house. If your home doesn’t have a mudroom or a viable option for creating one, many of the ideas discussed below can also be incorporated into a standard entryway.

1. Introduce a happy paint color.

introduce bright colors into your garage or mudroom

Painting is one of the easiest ways to turn a drab, boring space into something more inviting. If your mudroom is visually separate from other rooms, you really have the freedom to paint it any color you want – even something bold or bright. However, calming mudroom paint colors tend to be very popular, which makes sense. Coming home from a busy day at work or school, a soothing color scheme can help you relax and unwind. Put thought into not only the mudroom’s wall color, but also the colors of the trim and metallic fixtures. For example freshly painted white trim and black metal accents pair beautifully with blue, green, lavender, beige, and gray walls.

2. Include lots of attractive and convenient storage.

Glass shelving is a stylish and convenient storage method

Every storage option in a mudroom should be easy to access and add something to the space’s aesthetic. Possibilities to consider include:

•  Create plenty of options for hanging coats and bags, but give the space character by using an assortment of eclectic hooks or a unique backpack rack.

•  Have glass shelves installed above the hooks so you have a place to set gloves, hats, and scarves.

•  Add a bench with shoe shelves below it. Placing a few cushions or throw pillows on the bench not only boosts comfort, but gives you the chance to introduce an accent color, stylish pattern, or even humorous or inspiring sayings.

•  Make it easy to put things away. Including plenty of open crates, bins, cubbies, and even closet space (if possible) helps the whole family resist the temptation to simply dump coats and shoes into a pile on the floor. Choose items that enhance the theme and color scheme you’ve chosen for the mudroom.

3. Give the mudroom a specific style or theme.

Give your mudroom a theme

Tie together the many useful items and features of your mudroom with a distinct style or theme. For example, a farmhouse style mudroom might call for white or cream walls, vintage-style coat hooks in dark metal, an “antique” mirror as a wall hanging, frosted glass shelves on black brackets, and a few agricultural accents. Other appealing themes/styles include cottage, coastal, shabby chic, or modern industrial.

4. Keep things simple and uncluttered.

keep your garage uncluttered

You want the mudroom to have visual appeal, but this is not a space that should be loaded up with knick knacks and wall art. If there’s ample wall space, a single wall hanging such as a mirror or framed print can be a nice touch. Other than that, you can achieve most décor goals by simply selecting your functional items with an eye to their appearance as well as their usefulness.

ABC Glass & Mirror can help.

If you’d like to include glass and mirror elements as you beautify the mudroom, ABC can supply and install what you need. Product offerings include glass shelving, standard and “antique” wall mirrors, cabinet glass, and back painted glass wall coverings. To learn more or receive a free estimate, call (703)257-7150!

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