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Tired of a small living room or dining room? Use glass to create the illusion of space while also adding beautiful décor elements. This project doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. The glaziers at ABC Glass & Mirror will assist you with design, inspect and measure the room, fabricate the glass to the exact dimensions needed, and install each piece with care and safety.

Create a stunning mirrored wall.

beautiful mirrored wall to make a small room look bigger

One of the simplest but most dramatic ways to make a room feel bigger is creating a mirrored wall. First, choose a wall to cover with reflective glass. When picking, consider what will be reflected by mirrors on a given wall. You’ll also need to decide just how much of the wall to cover with mirror. For example, mirrors that go all the way down to the floor could be at risk of being kicked or scuffed in a high traffic area. Once you’ve chosen the wall, there are lots of options:

•  Have one large mirror installed.

•  Totally cover the wall with a few adjacent mirrors.

•  Cover the wall or a portion of it with many small beveled edge or polished edge mirrors.

•  Use traditional mirror glass.

•  Choose antique style mirror glass that has an aged appearance.

Replace a wall with clear glass.

Replace a wall with a glass wall in a small room

Sometimes a non-load bearing wall can be removed and replaced with a clear glass partition. This immediately makes the area feel larger and more open. Glass partitions walls can be customized, are available with framed or frameless construction, and look modern and stylish. Some of the best places to use them are around your home office, between the dining room and kitchen, and between the master bedroom and bathroom.

Use glass shelves to decorate and declutter.

decorate and organize with glass shelves

Clutter makes a small room feel even more confining. Organizing your belongings and clearing off the floor, tables, and other surfaces can actually make the space feel larger. While there are many shelving options, clear glass wall shelves have the advantage of being transparent and not visibly taking up space. Lined with stylish bins and containers, they are perfect for storing just about anything. Also, glass shelves allow you to add some knick knacks and accent items without taking up precious space elsewhere in the room.

Update cabinet doors with glass fronts.

Install glass fronts to cabinet doors

If the room includes a hutch or other cabinet, consider giving it a makeover with clear cabinet glass. This glass can replace the existing wooden door fronts for an updated and more open ambiance. Cabinet glass also makes it easy to show off treasured items while keeping them safely behind doors. This could mean displaying lovely china or glassware in the dining room or sculptures and artwork in the living room. If you don’t want to showcase the cupboard contents, frosted and patterned cabinet glass is also available.

Trust the project to ABC Glass & Mirror!

ABC Glass & Mirror’s team of veteran glass experts can deliver and install the glass and mirror needed to make your small room seem larger and brighter. Along with the products mentioned above, we offer glass showers, back painted glass, and more. Call us at (703)257-7150 to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate.

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