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Spending more time at home has us taking a closer look at the rooms we use most…such as the bathroom! In 2021, add a touch of luxury to transform your master bath from a utilitarian space to an inviting retreat where you can relax and unwind. Before you start making improvements, get a few preliminaries out of the way:

•  Lose the clutter. Do a sweep of the bathroom and get rid of all but the bare essentials so you have a fresh palette on which to add pampering and refreshing elements.

•  Do a deep cleaning. None of the upgrades will reach their full potential in a dirty space. Tackle hard to clean areas that might get overlooked – grout lines, floor trim, AC vents, and so on.

•  Make any necessary repairs or replacements. For example, cracked or foggy window glass can be removed and a new insulated unit installed.

Once the bathroom is empty, clean, and in good order, it’s time for the fun part, so without further ado, here are some luxurious possibilities.

Glass Shower Enclosure

Custom glass shower enclosure for bath and showers

Swap out your shower curtain for a modern frameless glass enclosure. One of the best ways to make a dull, ordinary bathroom more elegant is adding glass. Whether you have a shower stall or a tub/shower combo, there are options for replacing the curtain.

•  Shower screen – A shower screen is a simple, minimalistic option. One piece of fixed or hinged glass is added to the tub or shower for water containment, and the entrance is left open. Choose clear glass to give the room and shower area a more open feel.

•  Swinging door – Depending on your needs, a swinging door can be installed by itself, with another door panel, or alongside fixed glass panels.

•  Rolling door – In some bathrooms a swinging door is impractical because there’s not much room around the shower entrance. Rolling “barn style” doors are contemporary, stylish, and space efficient.

Bathroom Fireplace

Install a bathroom fireplace

Turn every bath or shower into an indulgent relaxation session by adding a bathroom fireplace. There are a wide array of options to fit your needs and budget. For instance, electric units can simply be plugged in, while gas fireplaces need to be hooked up to your home’s gas line. You can also choose a freestanding unit or one that will be installed in a recess in your wall. A bathroom fireplace provides welcome warmth and the sight of the dancing flames is soothing and calming. It’s also the perfect complement to other bathroom upgrades such as a steam shower or soaker tub.

Living Wall Garden

Get creative with a living wall garden

Nature lovers can bring the outdoors indoors with a hanging bathroom garden that creates a “living wall.” This project can be as simple as ordering an indoor vertical garden kit and giving your green thumb free reign. There are also more traditional variations such as having glass shelves installed and lining them with potted plants. If you don’t have a green thumb or maybe just no time to tend an indoor garden, you can also order artificial vertical gardens that look very realistic and simply need to be hung on your bathroom wall.

For luxury glass, count on ABC!

If glass and mirror play a role in your bathroom improvements, the experienced team at ABC Glass & Mirror in Manassas Park can deliver and install just what you need. We specialize in custom projects and glass fabricated to the exact specifications of your space. From shower enclosures to vanity mirrors to glass shelves and more, ABC has the beautiful glass you need. Call (703)257-7150 to learn more and make an appointment for a complimentary in-home consultation.

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