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Find inspiration for revitalizing your dull living room with easy quick fixes that don’t empty your bank account. You don’t have to replace all your furniture or knock down walls to give your living room a fresh, up-to-date look and inviting ambience, so get ready to transform your space this spring!

1. Make a statement with window treatments. In a living room characterized by solid neutrals, a bold choice in window treatments can make a huge difference. Today’s trends include chevron designs, geometric Mediterranean-inspired patterns, and extra-long drapery that piles up on the floor.

2. Incorporate gray into your color scheme. The next bit of living room inspiration involves simply adding a trending color to your existing palette. What’s great is that gray, today’s hot pick for interior design, matches virtually everything. Introduce gray into your central living space via picture frames, curtains, area rugs, throws, vases, and the like.

3. Renew your existing design with glass. Glass is a powerful material in home design, and a great living room inspiration that can instantly brighten and modernize an area. Quick fixes with glass include –

•    Installing a wall mirror to make the space seem wider.
•    Adding character to a bare wall with a cluster of small framed mirrors.
•    Remodeling a bookcase or built-in with cabinet glass and/or glass shelves.
•    Hanging glass shelves on which to display new décor items.
•    Using Dreamwalls back-painted glass to create modern wall art.

4. Repaint the walls. Nothing drags down a room’s atmosphere like grimy walls, and nothing changes a space like a fresh color selection and pristine wall surfaces. Whether you choose to add a pop of color or tone things down with a relaxing neutral, repainting your living room can dramatically alter its ambience.

5. Add or replace light fixtures and lamps. Great lighting options are key for creating the perfect atmosphere to match the occasion. Don’t stop with replacing your living room ceiling light, but also add chic table lamps that allow for a gentler glow.

6. Refresh your tables. It is not hard to give your coffee table and end tables a charming makeover. Depending on their condition and the look you are going for, consider –

•    Refinishing them.
•    Sanding and painting them.
•    Adding glass tabletops to protect and brighten their surfaces.

7. Add new textures. Bringing more texture into your space will add depth and richness to the room. 2016 trends include fur, faux fur, cowhide, and herringbone weaves. Accents pillows, throws, and rugs offer great opportunities for including bold textures in your living room.

8. Personalize the space. The best living room inspiration is right at your fingertips – your own tastes, talents, and personality! Add interest and beauty to your living room by showing off a unique collection, hanging up your own artwork, or keeping memories alive with fun family photos in well-chosen frames.

9. Bring in nature. Refresh your living room…naturally! Taking inspiration from nature is wise because, not only are natural elements popular in 2016, but they possess the innate ability to create a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Possibilities include potted plants, vases of fresh flowers, wooden bowls, and decorative stones. Nature themed patterns and artwork make it easy to further this look.

10. Splurge on a few defining elements. If your living room lacks charm, shop for antique or handmade items that will instantly give it character and coziness. Ideas include barnwood furniture, antique chairs, or a vintage coffee table.

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