Working remotely shouldn’t mean working in clutter or without the privacy you need! Let ABC Glass and Mirror help you add a modern and convenient home office. The first step is finding a place for your work area in your existing living space. If you have an extra room, you can redecorate and furnish it as an office. However, glass partition walls enable you to even create an office within another room. Look for a usable corner in your basement, living room, family room, or bedroom.

Glass Room Dividers

Glass Room Dividers

Glass partitions make it easy to create a home office. What’s more, they can easily be taken down or relocated if you stop working from home or want to repurpose the space. We can fully enclose your office with glass, add half walls, put up a single glass screen, or arrange the partition walls in a custom configuration of your design. Additional options and variables include:

  • Frameless glass walls
  • Framed glass walls
  • Clear glass
  • Low iron glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Patterned glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Back painted glass

We can also include glass doors if desired. The benefit of enclosing your office with glass – even if it’s just a corner of another room – is that it gives you a dedicated workspace. Other family members see that you are “at work,” and you can have the feeling of coming home from work you leave your office.

Custom Marker Boards

Custom Marker Boards

Another helpful addition to your home workspace is a marker board. Don’t settle for anything flimsy or cheap when you can have a custom glass board. Unlike some other dry erase products, glass whiteboards look amazing on your wall even when not in use. Markers move smoothly over the glass surface, which erases cleanly with no ghosting. Also, you don’t have to work around stock dimensions; your glass whiteboard can be cut to your exact specifications for a perfect fit and maximum functionality.

Glass Shelves

Custom Glass Shelves

Whether you’re working in a totally separate space or have requisitioned a living room corner, glass shelves are the answer to home office clutter. Like glass whiteboards, glass shelves adorn the wall while serving a useful purpose. Clear your desktop by moving items to your custom shelves. They also allow you to decorate your office with photos, awards, or knick knacks without taking up desk space. Your glass shelving can be customized in many ways, including dimensions, thickness, glass type, and bracket style.

Glass Desk Top

Custom Glass Desktop

There are a couple ways to use glass when improving or building a desk. If you have a desk but don’t like its scratched or damaged surface, we can cut a piece of glass to fit perfectly atop it. Another option is to build a sleek contemporary desk by having a section of clear tempered glass attached to metal supports. This second option makes it possible to tailor the dimensions of the desk to both your needs and the available floor space.

Could one of these glass items help you create or improve your at-home workspace? If you’d like to learn more about these or another glass/mirror project, we invite you to call ABC Glass and Mirror at (703)257-7150!