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When it comes to bathroom décor ideas, simple is sometimes best, and a shower screen is arguably the simplest alternative to a shower curtain. It is a single piece of glass – fixed or hinged – that is installed to block water droplets and leave an open entryway into the shower stall. Because of its minimalism, a shower screen can be a budget-friendly alternative to shower enclosures that call for more glass and hardware. However, a glass screen can do just as much to improve your bathroom’s ambiance and level of fashion. Today’s most popular options flow from simplicity and time-tested combinations of metal and glass, rather than being fad-based or driven by daring trends that will soon be outdated.

Frameless Shower Screen

If you want to give a dated or boring bathroom more modernism and character, you could replace the shower curtain or old doors with frameless glass. With minimal metal – only small clips or hinges – this type of screen gives you a straightforward, easy to clean design. Also, a frameless shower screen can be added to either a tub deck or a shower curb.

Frameless screens are most often made from clear glass which brings to the room and shower the feel of larger spaces. However, frosted, patterned, or tinted glass can also be used for privacy. Besides choosing the glass style, you can also personalize the screen to your needs and preferences in these ways:

  • Pick the hardware finish for the clips and hinges. Match the other bath hardware or go with a contrasting finish if you want to try the mixed metals look
  • Choose square or radius corners.
  • Determine whether a fixed screen or one that can swing outward on hinges is best for your bathroom.

Frameless Shower Screen

Shower Screen Framed in Black Metal

Shower Screen Framed in Black Metal

Frameless shower enclosures are on-trend, but so are those framed in black metal. This type of enclosure can also be added to a tub or a shower, but some feel that a frameless screen is the best choice for a bathtub, while a black framed screen really shines on a shower-only stall. It’s up to you, and a consultation with a shower glass expert could be helpful. Wherever it’s installed, a black framed screen goes well with industrial, contemporary, transitional, Scandinavian, and Japandi bathroom styles, among others. 

The glass and dark metal make a pleasing contrast, and clean lines crisply define the shower area without hiding it (unless you opt for privacy glass). If the rest of the bathroom hardware is another color – chrome, brushed nickel, brass – that doesn’t mean a black framed glass screen will look out of place. Besides the fact that many designers and homeowner use mixed metals, black is a neutral that can be safely introduced into just about any color scheme.

Crittall Style Shower Screen

Another popular way to use clear glass and black metal is seen in Crittall style shower glass. This glass – which is inspired by steel framed Crittall windows – is not only framed with black metal but overlaid with mullions as well. Often, there are both vertical and horizontal mullions forming gridwork over the glass. A Crittall style glass screen instantly gives personality to the shower and bathroom. It’s at home with just about any décor theme and can add warmth to a modern space or keep the vintage feel going in a period house. 

Black Crittall Style Shower Screen

For more information on these and other glass shower options, give ABC Glass & Mirror a call at (703)257-7150. Our experienced team has been beautifying bathrooms with glass for nearly two decades, and we’d love to update your bathroom with a glass screen, door system, or other enclosure.

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