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Are dated or damaged glass fixtures making your home look like a blast from the not-so-stylish past? Update your living space by upgrading to custom glass and mirror fixtures from family owned and operated ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. What’s more, even rooms that don’t currently include much glass or mirror can often be improved by the addition of the perfect custom item. Discover some of the possibilities and call us at 703-257-7150 to schedule a free in-home consultation and price quote.

Glass in the Bathroom – A Match Made in Heaven

Modern home improvers want bathrooms that are more than upgraded outhouses! A bathroom update today involves creating a spa-like retreat where one can be energized by a refreshing shower in the morning and soothed by a relaxing soak in the tub before bed. Glass is a material that can contribute to the desired ambiance of luxury, cleanliness, and spaciousness. Undoubtedly, this is why more and more decorators are utilizing glass for bathroom applications.

Clear Glass Imparts Openness and the Illusion of Space

Focus on clear glass replacements if your home is currently marred by broken or ugly glass shower doors. Update the look with clear, frameless doors and enclosures that can do wonders for each bathroom. For one thing, the shower itself as well as the whole room will look and feel roomier. In fact switching to a clear glass shower door might be the most helpful step you can take for improving a bathroom that feels confining or cramped.

Modern style bathroom with a glass shower to the left and two sinks to the right. Also has a banner that says,"Bathroom Glass & Mirror Upgrades."

Shower Doors Define Bathroom Style

On the subject of glass shower doors as part of a home update, it’s important to be aware of how greatly the shower area impacts the overall atmosphere of a bathroom. If you get the shower door right, it can uplift the rest of the space, but if you get it wrong it can drag the room down. Thankfully, working with ABC gives you access to tips and suggestions from glaziers with industry experience as well as a large range of product options from which to choose. Here are some of the decisions that await if you decide to enhance a bathroom with shower glass.

• Frameless, semi-frameless, or framed door construction
• Right angle or neo-angle configuration
• Double or single door
• Swinging, bypass, or frameless sliding door operation
• Clear, patterned, acid-etched, tinted, or cast glass

Making the Most of the Vanity Mirror

When you think about glass in a bathroom setting, one of the first fixtures that probably comes to mind is the vanity mirror. Found in just about every home bathroom, a vanity mirror is necessary for styling hair and so forth, but it can also be the room’s most lovely wall hanging. Modern options include adding a frame to an existing mirror, ordering a mirror with custom cut-outs, choosing a beveled edge, designing a unique mirror shape, and more. Truly, a vanity mirror should not just facilitate shaving or make-up application, but it should also enhance the theme and décor scheme you have chosen for the space. For instance, a polished edge geometric mirror gives off contemporary vibes, while a rectangular mirror encased in an ornate frame adds old-world elegance, and a large mirror standing out from the wall adds casual functionality.

Deal with Lack of Mirror Space in the Bathroom

Are your home’s current vanity mirrors large enough? Or do you need to update because family members are jostling for mirror space in the rush to get out the door in the morning? Besides choosing vanity mirrors that are attractive, you want to add extra mirror space where possible. Options include:

•  A wider vanity mirror, extending from wall to wall.
•  Two separate vanity mirrors in a master bath with double sinks.
•  An extra mirror hung on a bare bathroom wall or even above a small makeup table.
•  A thin piece of mirror glass attached to the back of the bathroom door.

However you decide to deal with the need for more mirror space, know that ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers custom mirrors that allow you to make your bathrooms more functional and more attractive simultaneously.

Glass and Bathroom Storage

As you ponder the most effective ways to update your home, you might think that the role of glass in a bathroom is limited to shower enclosures and vanity mirrors, but there are more ways that glass can improve the space. A stellar example is glass shelving. This lovely fixture instantly adds storage choices to the bathroom. You can simply line the shelves with towels, washcloths, and toilet paper, or you can pair the shelves with bins and baskets full of soap, shampoo, and toiletry items. Shelves can often be fashioned from the same type of glass that was chosen for the shower door for a harmonious and connected look.

They Can Also Improve Your Living Room

Of course glass shelves can be added to bare living room wall space, but they can also be put to work improving pieces of furniture. Sagging or unattractive shelves on book cases and cabinets can be replaced with pristine glass shelving. Beyond solving the problems with your current shelves, glass shelves can transform the look of the piece and breathe fresh life into a cabinet that has been in your home for quite some time.

Pair Glass Shelves with Cabinet Glass

Glass shelves are not the only glass fixture that can be used to upgrade existing furnishings as part of a home update. Cabinet glass can be utilized as a replacement for the door fronts on TV cabinets, kitchen cupboards, wall units, vanities, hutches, and so forth. Clear glass is the best choice when you want to show off heirloom china or your amazing spice collection, while frosted or patterned glass allows you to update your cabinets without giving everyone a view of your canned vegetables or cleaning products!

Give Your Dining Table a Makeover by Adding a Glass Top

The scratches and stains on the top of your dining table can be instantly camouflaged by a glass table top. Made from clear, frosted, patterned, tinted, or back-painted glass, a glass table top can be fabricated to fit perfectly atop many dining tables. You can simply add a layer of sheen with clear glass, but you can also blur or totally hide the current table top by choosing glass that is frosted, patterned, tinted, or painted on the back. Glass table tops are even used by families whose dining tables have flawless surfaces, and this is because a glass top makes the perfect protective covering for a fine table.

Or Create Your Own Tables with Tempered Glass Tops

It’s not just dated glass that can be replaced with new custom glass from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Out of style dining tables, coffee tables, and end tables can be replaced by tables with clear glass tops. To create such a table, you’ll need some sort of pedestal or support system on which to place the custom glass top. These glass-topped tables can be modern, classic, or vintage in style depending on the appearance of the pedestal or support system on which they are placed. Besides being chic and elegant, a clear glass table top can make your space feel larger and more open.

Check Out Dreamwalls Back-Painted Glass

A wonderful way to update your home is by integrating back-painted glass into your décor. Dreamwalls back-painted glass is simply ultra-clear glass with paint and a protective coating applied to one side. The result is a beautiful blend of the elegance of clear glass and the color you have chosen for the paint, and there are a number of potential uses for this colorful glass in a home.

Back-Painted Glass as a Wall Covering

Covering part or all of a wall with back-painted glass can be beneficial to a room in a number of ways. These include:

•  The reflective quality of the clear glass brightens the space.
•  This wall covering resists staining and is easy to sanitize.
•  White Dreamwalls glass can function as a modern whiteboard.
•  Pieces of Dreamwalls glass can be used to create an artistic contemporary wall hanging.
•  Back-painted glass makes an attractive modern backsplash.

A Fresh Option for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Backsplashes

One of the most popular ways to use Dreamwalls glass to update a home is by using it to create a backsplash. This product can be cut into a seamless or nearly seamless backsplash that is sleek and easier to clean than tile with grout lines. What’s more, it’s easy to tailor the appearance of your new backsplash to the style and color scheme of your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you want something neutral and understated or a vivid, colorful look, you can choose the colors you need, even custom colors, for your back-painted glass.

What About Your Window Glass?

Is your house home to window glass that is chipped, cracked, or fogged? If so, an update is certainly in order! This type of damaged glass can not only detract from your home’s visual appeal but it can be a safety hazard, as well. Thanks to replacement glass, damaged glass does not necessarily mean that a total window replacement is needed.  Glaziers are frequently able to take out just the flawed glass and then put in a replacement unit. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers replacement units with energy-friendly extras: argon gas and Low-E coatings. The argon makes the pane a more effective insulator and the Low-E coatings can be designed to keep furnace heat in your house in the winter and reflect sunlight back into the yard in the summer. Window glass is available in range of styles and thicknesses so that the new piece can match what’s in the windows currently.

When Total Window Replacement Is Needed, ABC Can Help

Maybe parts of your home include windows with deeper problems than a damaged piece of glass. If so, update with vinyl replacement windows from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. We offer great variety in window size, window type, and method of operation, so it should not be difficult to find the perfect replacements for your current windows.

New windows can do more for your home than just update and improve its look. Today’s high performance window don’t just give you a view of the outdoors, they are also much more energy efficient that the drafty windows found in many older homes. For instance, window glass was once a single panel of glazing. However, we now expect double pane glass, and some window glass is even comprised of triple panes. More panes, with space between panes, adds to the insulating capabilities of the glass.

This increased insulating ability can be enhanced by injecting a harmless, heavy gas into the space between the panes. Argon is a common choice for this application and is used in Basic IntelliGlass and IntelliGlass Plus. Since it is heavier than air, it more effectively contributes to the insulation of the home. Another, and even heavier, gas than can be utilized for this purpose is krypton. Roughly twice as heavy as argon, this gives a real boost to the window’s insulating power. Argon is used in the spaces between the triple panes of IntelliGlass Supreme.

Improving Glass Means Improving Your Living Space

Why update your home by improving the glass? From windows to mirrors to shower doors, glass plays an important role in the space in which we live. Upgrading and replacing glass fixtures as needed does more than just address isolated home issues. Pristine, stylish glass fixtures look lovely in themselves, but they can also brighten the mood in the room overall. Investing in up to date glass for your home will yield results you see and feel!

Why Choose ABC for Your Glass and Mirror Needs?

Partnering with us to update your home makes sense because the ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. team includes glaziers with decades of industry experience. Working with ABC on your home update means more than just ordering and receiving the glass and mirror you need. Our estimators can answer questions and provide product insights that flow from hands-on experience with glass. Additionally, we offer installation of your items by trained teams. We are committed to your satisfaction and a number of our products include warranties.

Here are the easy steps involved in purchasing a custom glass installation from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.

•  Call 703-257-7150 to speak with a glazier over the phone or to schedule a free, in-home consultation.
•  Make your selections with help from glass professionals and put in the order for your items.
•  Receive a call from ABC letting you know everything is ready and scheduling our installation visit.
•  Relax as trained glaziers install your items at the appointed time.
•  Enjoy custom glass creations that make your house more functional and more attractive!

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan your home update!

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