If you’re choosing décor colors for your home, give serious thought to including blue. Shades of blue can be integrated into many color schemes, but perhaps you’re wondering why you would want to. 

1. Blue evokes positive feelings. That’s right. Blue tones typically have a positive effect on the emotions. In fact, blue is such a soothing color that can inhibit appetite, and is therefore sometimes eschewed by restaurateurs! So while you might not want to make blue the dominant color in your dining room, you can put it’s calming powers to work for your family in just about any other area.

2. Blue is the perfect shade for the water-themed bathrooms of today. In modern homes, a bathroom is more than just a functional space. Master baths are often graced by elegant fixtures in which the relaxing qualities of water help us unwind and renew our energy. From glass shower enclosures to soaker tubs to steam showers, Americans are indulging in spa-inspired aquatic relaxation in their homes, making blue the perfect bathroom accent color. Whether you wish to evoke coastal waters, a soothing woodland stream, or an azure sky reflecting in a mountain lake, there is a shade of blue for your bathroom décor!

3. Calming blue décor can help us detach from technology and its stresses. Creating tech-free spaces defined by calming tones can help us relax and unwind at the end of the day, rather than remaining tense and distracted right up until bedtime. Does your home include a formal living room or other space that is not used much? Turn it into a cozy nook with inviting textures, cozy seating, and restful blues and greens. Eschew the TV in this room and put up glass shelves lined with books instead. You might find the whole family gravitating to this relaxing space!

4. Introducing blue into your color scheme is fun, easy, and doesn’t have to cost a lot! Of course you can go all out with blue paint on your living room walls, blue carpet in the bedrooms, or a blue back-painted glass backsplash in the bathroom. However, you can also instantly integrate blue into your home by:

  • Adding a blue-gray double papasan chair to your master suite.
  • Freshening up your sofa with [ale blue throw pillows.
  • Draping navy valances over window treatments.
  • Welcoming everyone home with a royal blue doormat.
  • Hanging ocean-blue hand towels in a bathroom.

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