Back painted glass panels can be used if you’re remodeling your living space or giving your office building a makeover. This type of glass offers fully customizable colors, solid durability, and easy maintenance, making it appropriate for home and business environments alike. Suitable for installation on many vertical and horizontal surfaces, these glass panels effectively modernize and refresh a room.

Back Painted Glass in a Dining Room

Back painted glass panels allow you to freshen up dining room surfaces instead of replacing furniture and fixtures. Two examples are table tops and bar tops.

  • Is your dining table sturdy but unattractive? Is the top marred by scratches, dings, and stains? Are you tired of refinishing the dining table only to have it get damaged again? A back painted glass table top can be applied to the existing surface for a brand new look. This one change can give the effect of a new dining room set.
  • In the same way, an ugly or beat up bar top can simply disappear beneath a new back painted glass top in your chosen color. This switch will modernize any bar for a bistro feel in your dining room.

Even if you do want to replace your dining table, a colored glass panel can be used. Glass experts can create an attractive, modern table by attaching a sheet of tempered back painted glass to a pedestal or base. Add chic upholstered chairs, and the look is complete!

Bringing Back Painted Glass into Your Kitchen

Back painted glass can update your kitchen design as a backsplash or island top. Glass backsplashes look beautiful, adding sparkle and sheen to a utilitarian part of the house. They also hold up well and are readily cleaned amid the splashes and splatters that occur with food prep. What’s more, you can order your glass backsplash in whatever color you need to make your design vision a reality.

A kitchen island can also be made-over with the addition of a glass top. This top will either be set on the old top or glued to it. With your modernized island in place, your kitchen’s style can evolve from traditional to transitional.

Back Painted Glass Wall Panels Give Your Bathroom a Boost

Back painted glass wall panels are appropriate for bathroom applications since they withstand damp conditions, can be quickly disinfected, and defy staining. Specific bathroom uses include:

  • Glass backsplash behind the vanity.
  • Shower wall panels.
  • Colored glass wall panels.
  • Glass toilet screen.

Almost any bathroom wall space is a good candidate for these glass panels; just make sure they are not installed where you need to drill holes or insert fasteners as this will crack the glass. (This is especially relevant for a shower glass panel.) Finally, if you want to keep the commode out of sight, a full or half wall of colored glass is a stylish option.

Back Painted Glass Wall Panels in a Home Office or Homeschooling Room

If your home includes an office or school room, you can add a futuristic marker board by having a piece of white back painted glass adhered to a wall. The look is crisp and contemporary, and it’s a cleanable, easy to use dry erase board perfect for everything from homework assignments to schedules to inspiring quotations! Colored panels of glass can also be used for decorative purposes, adding pops of color to these rooms.

Back Painted Glass Can Also Improve Commercial Spaces

Back painted glass panels are useful in many different business environments.

  • Glass wall panels make a shop, hallway, or lobby look clean and up to date.
  • Glass shower wall panels add luxury to a hotel or bed and breakfast.
  • Dry erase boards made from white glass double as wall adornments in conference rooms, waiting areas, and break rooms.
  • Glass table tops impart fresh vibes to board room tables, desks, and work stations.
  • Colored glass room dividers and backsplashes are perfect for dressing up employee or customer restrooms.

If you need large pieces of back painted glass, cutouts for electrical fixtures, a beveled edge, or an unusual color, these options are available from ABC Glass and Mirror. Call the our shop at (703)257-7150 to learn more or to start the process of improving your space with this custom colored glass!