When a total remodel is off the table, improve your dining room ambiance with some of these impactful upgrades and changes..

1. Update the Wall Hangings:

Exchanging dated wall art for stylish prints is a relatively cheap way to perk up a dining room. Spend a little time looking up trending colors, patterns, and themes so that your wall hangings have the greatest possible effect. Budget-friendly ideas include:

  • Shop at a discount store for unframed canvas wall art.
  • Create your own pieces by framing fabric, wall paper, newspaper clippings, or even pressed leaves.
  • Frame family portraits or candid photos from your last vacation.

2. Create a custom glass-topped table:

A glass shop like ABC Glass and Mirror can supply a glass top fabricated to your desired dimensions. Various edgework and glass styles are available to further personalize the look. Edge options include:

• Polished – Table top ends in a machine polished edge.

• Beveled – Bevel is added around the perimeter which ends in a thin polished edge.

• Pencil – Edge is rounded and polished smooth.

• Special order edges available.

Glass styles include clear, patterned, frosted, and back painted. Choosing a clear top not only transforms your décor, but makes the room feel more spacious, too.

3. Replace your dishes:

Don’t forget to improve the look of your dining room during the time you actually use it! The easiest way to do this is with a fashionable set of dishes. Up the impact by including fresh placemats and a new centerpiece for the table. Hint: Store your new dishes in a hutch or on shelves in the dining room so that they beautify the space even when you’re not eating!

4. Deal with clutter by adding storage space:

Go with storage solutions that are both functional and attractive, such as wall mounted glass shelves, a vintage china hutch, or a refinished sideboard. While dishware and table linens have traditionally been stored in the dining room, don’t be limited to these items. A sideboard can function as a toy box or place to keep school supplies. When you pair open shelving with bins, they can be filled with whatever items need a home!

5. Make a statement with new chairs:

If you have a nice dining table, change things up with chairs that make a fashion statement. Today’s options include upholstered chairs, funky metal designs, and even clear plastic chairs! Don’t be guided by style alone, though. Consider comfort and durability. If you like the look of upholstered chairs but have young children, for instance, you may want to buy vinyl covered chairs or chairs with removable cushions. Another tip is to make sure the chairs complement the table. Often, it’s best to use simple chairs if your table has lots of personality – a glass top on unique metal supports or a live edge wood table. On the other hand, if the table has a basic design, interesting or unusual chairs can give the room needed charm and personality.

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