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How to Use Back Painted Glass Wall Panels in Your Bathroom

What is back painted glass? ABC offers Dreamwalls Color Glass by Gardner, which is low iron glass treated with paint and protective backing. It is installed with the unpainted surface visible so that the transparent glass melds with the paint color. This glass is available in white, gray, and black, as well as any custom color-matched shade.

These glass wall panels are an innovative bathroom solution. They coordinate with glass shower enclosures and can be used for:

  • Shower wall panels
  • Seamless glass backsplash installations
  • Room dividers
  • Wall art

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Back Painted Glass Shower Wall Panels

Back painted glass opens up many possibilities for a custom shower glass panel. Dreamwalls can be used to cover one or more shower walls since glass holds up well to moisture and is easy to dry and clean. Installing this glass on your shower walls also opens up a range of design options. You can create a fresh, simple look with white or light gray shower wall panels. However, bold choices are also available if you want to brighten the shower enclosure with a pop of color.


Keep in mind, though, that back painted glass shower wall panels should not extend to any wall space where you will need to attach hinges, make holes, and so on. Drilling holes or driving screws through glass will cause it to crack. If you have questions about how to best add these glass shower wall panels to your home, you can schedule a free in-home meeting with an ABC glazier – (703)257-7150.


Back Painted Glass Backsplash Options

The seamless glass backsplash is another bathroom application for back painted glass. Its smooth surface makes it easier to care for than a backsplash with grout lines, texture, or paint, and it cannot be stained by toothpaste or infected with mold. The glass backsplash can be color-matched to the same shade as your bathroom wall, or you can choose a different color for a contrasting look. Your backsplash can be further tailored to your needs with custom dimensions for a snug fit and cutouts for outlets and light switches.


Toilet Screen Made of Back Painted Glass

Luxury home bathrooms are like miniature spas, so many homeowners and designers choose to keep the commode out of sight. One way to do this is via a wall or half wall of glass. A back painted glass room divider is decorative, functional, and customizable:

  • Height of the room divider: Do you want a knee wall, a floor to ceiling partition, or something in between?
  • Color of the glass: Choose from among several options. We have white Dreamwalls in stock and can have black and gray available quickly. We can also special order a custom color if you provide the paint manufacturer name as well as the color name and code.
  • Width of the glass panel: Will the toilet be completely or partially hidden?


Modern Wall Art with Back Painted Glass

It’s also possible to decorate your bathroom wall with colorful panels of back painted glass. By incorporating sheets of different colors, and perhaps even different sizes, on one wall, you can create a unique wall covering. This type of installation covers and protects bathroom drywall and also serves as a wall ornament.


ABC Glass and Mirror Provides Back Painted Glass to Northern Virginia Homeowners

If you’d like to learn more about pricing and options for a particular back painted glass installation, you can set up a consultation with an ABC Glass and Mirror team member by giving us a call at (703)257-7150. For over 15 years, ABC has been helping Northern Virginia clients with glass and mirror needs, and we hope you’ll consider working with us for your next project.