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Nothing is worse than returning from a trip to the store, walking into your house, and being overpowered by a bad smell! You immediately start wondering how long it’s smelled like that and worrying about whether recent guests have noticed it. Here are some helpful hints for preventing and removing odors.


Open the Window

Easy, natural, and free, opening the windows is a great first step to take when battling a smell in your house. Even in the winter, you might want to do a brief “purge” to let the odor out and the crisp, outdoor air in.


Find the Source

Whenever possible, avoid simply masking a stench and instead do a “search and destroy” mission on its source.


Likely culprits include –


•    A pile of gym clothes under a child’s bed or stashed in a backpack.
•    Food in a cupboard or the fridge that has gone bad.
•    A dirty diaper moldering in a trash can.
•    A pet mess that was not thoroughly cleaned up.
•    A flower arrangement that has started to decay.
•    Mold or mildew.


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Remove Moisture, Mold & Mildew

Moisture in a home fosters the growth of mold and mildew, both common culprits in musty house smells. A dehumidifier can help with moisture control and mold and mildew can be killed with a bleach-water solution. Places to check for mold and mildew growth include-


•    Window sills.
•    Shower door tracking.
•    Under beds.
•    In crawl spaces and basements.
•    Patio door tracking.



Whether it’s children shoving toys under the bed on cleaning day or a glass shelf that is overloaded with books, papers, and knick-knacks, clutter provides breeding grounds for stale, musty odors. De-cluttering these spaces has obvious aesthetic advantages, too, like allowing your glass shelves to highlight several tasteful items and contributing to a neat, hygienic atmosphere in your child’s room.


Make Use of Natural Deodorizing Agents

Many homeowners are committed to green cleaning and eliminating or reducing toxic elements in the house. Natural options for cleaning up the stinky side of a mess include vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda.


Add Pleasant Aromas

Methods for bringing good smells into your house are abundant. From plug-ins to potpourri to essential oil diffusers, there are products for you whether you’re crunchy or high-tech. Also, we have some practical quick fixes for smells that must be addressed quickly before a guest arrives. These include –


•    Brewing a fresh pot of coffee.
•    Running a few slices of citrus fruit through the garbage disposal.
•    Popping some canned biscuits or rolls in the oven.
•    And of course, going crazy with a can of room spray!


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Develop Good Cleaning Routines

Perhaps the most basic aspect of making your house smell good is following a solid cleaning regimen. In addition to weekly and monthly cleaning days, good daily routines include wiping down surfaces like counters and glass tabletops, sweeping the dining room floor, taking out the trash, putting away leftover food, and spot cleaning the bathroom as needed.


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