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Knowing how to choose the right glass for your new shower enclosure is an important aspect of designing a custom stall that meets your specific needs. With many options on the market today, it’s crucial to understand the basic pros and cons of your various choices.

Before getting into the specifics of each shower glass variety, though, you’ll want to take a few minutes to think about your priorities for the new enclosure.

•    Do you want to keep the shower tile visible from outside the stall?
•    Is creating an open, spacious ambience one of your top objectives?
•    Do you prefer a more secluded shower enclosure behind vision-obscuring glass?
•    How important is it that the glass is easy to clean?
•    Is having frameless glass a key aspect of the design you have in mind?

Getting the glass right will be easier once you’ve clarified your objectives for the appearance and functionality of the new shower. One mistake we’ve seen in our decades of glass work is ordering the shower glass before consulting with one’s spouse.

The result of this faux pas can be costly alterations after the enclosure has been installed. So the bottom line is: it’s better to make time to talk to everyone involved rather than ordering your shower glass in haste.

Clear glass is undoubtedly a hot pick in 2016, and it is an especial favorite among those who value an open ambience and great visibility of the shower tile. An added bonus is that its smooth surfaces are comparatively easy to clean and dry.

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Protected glass takes ease of cleaning to the next level. ABC offers clear ShowerGuard glass which is permanently sealed at the time of manufacture as well as the more economical EnduroShield coating which can be applied to any type of shower glass. Both give you a shower enclosure that stays clean longer and takes less effort to maintain.

If you’re remodeling a high traffic bathroom or simply wish to create a more private shower stall, three types of glass to consider are frosted, patterned, and cast. Frosted glass is etched with acid that leaves its surface uniformly “frosty,” a look which offers privacy and harmonizes with a wide range of décor styles.

Patterned glass features an embossed design on one or both sides. This is created by running the glass between rollers that impress the pattern onto its surface. Patterns can be subtle or striking, so this glass is a good privacy option whether your bathroom style is traditional, transitional, or modern.

Cast glass showcases bold 3-D designs and pictures, and this type of glass is created by filling a mold with molten glass. It does yield a more private stall and really makes the glass itself the focal point of the space.

A final option for your shower enclosure is tinted glass. This is the right look for some décor schemes, and the glass makes the shower a bit more secluded while retaining a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.

If you’re still unsure about what glass is best for your circumstances or have questions about one of these glass options, help is just a phone call away. Contact one of ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.’s in-house glaziers at 703-257-7150. Get answers to all your questions and have the opportunity to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate.

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