Like picking the perfect glass enclosure, knowing how to choose the right shower tile is an integral part of updating your bathroom’s shower area. Safety, appearance, and cleaning are all issues to consider when selecting tile for the floor, walls, bench, or even ceiling in your shower enclosure.


Houzz – – offers 10 practical tips as well as photos of shower tile success stories to start you off on the right foot.


Here are some key take-aways from this informative piece:

1. Small tiles automatically create a more textured (and therefore, less slippery) surface than large tiles. If you opt for large tiles, it is especially important to purchase ones with non-slip properties.


2. Small tiles are best if you are covering a curved surface, such as a sloped shower bench or a convex ceiling for a steam shower.


3. It is important to check the slip rating of any tile you are considering. An A or B rating is much preferred to a C rating.


4. Some natural stone tile has a very rough surface. If your tap water has high mineral content, buildup and discoloration of the tile can occur as water collects on the deeply textured surfaces. With this in mind, gather some data on local water conditions before making a final selection in shower tile.


5. Large tiles are easier to clean than small mosaic tiles, since the latter style involves many more grout lines. Keep this factor in mind if you like to keep bathroom cleaning to a minimum.


6. Only tile that is rated for submersion should be used on a shower floor, so be sure to look into this prior to ordering tile.


7. If you like the look of large tiles but are concerned about slipperiness, you might want to use large tile around the perimeter of the shower floor and cover the central floor space with little tiles.


More shower tile tips, relating to choosing tile that will work with your glass enclosure, are offered by ABC at For instance, did you know that glass tile should not be placed where hinges or other shower hardware will be installed?


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