Back painted glass cost is determined by a few different factors including color, size, number of pieces, thickness, and the back painted glass company with which you work. Keep in mind that glass professionals, including ABC Glass and Mirror, will give you a price quote for your specific project. Understanding  price basics can help you narrow down your choices and have a beneficial conversation when you call a painted glass company.

Back Painted Glass Cost and Your Budget

As with most products, choosing a stock color will lower the price of back painted glass. Many companies offer a standard back painted glass option; since this does not need to be special ordered, the cost is lower. At ABC Glass and Mirror, we stock white glass. This color is popular for a few reasons: it can be used to make high-end marker boards; white matches just about everything, so it’s a versatile choice for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes; white glass shower wall panels keep the space feeling fresh and roomy. $43 per square foot is the starting price for our white glass, and this figure includes installation.

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More Back Painted Glass Price Options

With ABC, you can choose from two other color options before you move to the highest back painted glass cost, that of custom color-matched glass. Black and gray glass can be quickly ordered and available to you within days. These options are more expensive than white but less expensive than other colors.  Like white, these shades match most color schemes, and since they are neutrals, they are a good choice if you’re looking to boost your home’s resale appeal.

Custom Colors Cost More but Deliver the Look You Need

Some projects simply demand colored glass – a bright hue, a pale pastel, or a deep earthy tone. If you have such a design in mind, know that back painted glass can be created in any color you want. Back painted glass from ABC is made by applying appropriate paint to the back of ultra-clear, low iron glass. Use of this specialty glass ensures that the paint color will be seen clearly without the green distortion present in normal glass. If you want color-matched glass, we ask you for precise paint color info and put in the order. Your tailor-made glass is then delivered and installed. Bottom line: custom colored glass costs more but lets you bring your specific design vision to life.

Other Factors that Impact Back Painted Glass Cost

Your back painted glass company can also assist you in determining the appropriate dimensions and thickness for your glass – decisions that will impact price. At ABC, for instance, we will send an estimator to your home or commercial site to carry out a rigorous process of measurement, inspection, and note-taking. This data can indicate the appropriate glass thickness and it allows for the fabrication of glass that fits correctly in your particular space. Remember that some of the main determinants of back painted glass cost are:

  • Color
  • Thickness
  • Size of pieces
  • Number of pieces

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