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The actual time it take to install a new glass shower door depends on the complexity of the door. The overwhelming majority of doors, although they have very precise and custom measurements, fall into the “standard” category. This means that these doors take a few hours to install from start to finish.

The installation process is usually very simple and does not take very long. On rare occasions, there may be a door that takes a little longer to put in, but still should not take much longer than a few hours. These doors may have some special adjustments or possibly an extra panel due to the size of the shower stall area.

All in all the installation process is quick and easy and should not take all day.

How to Start the Installation Process

The entire installation process begins with a call to ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. This call will allow you to start the process of purchasing and eventually installing your shower door.

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The best news is that it all begins for free! Yes, totally free with absolutely no cost to you. You call and speak to one of our glass specialists and they will answer any questions you might have and then they will schedule your totally complementary in-home measure and estimate.

While the shower door expert estimator is in your home, he will go over all of your shower door options. So in the end the entire process may be a smidge longer than just the actual installation. Once you accept the estimate the door will begin the customization process of your door and you should have your door installed within a week or two.

Calling the Experts

You can get a standard shower door at the local hardware store and do it yourself, but having an expert will ensure your door fits in shower stall opening like a glove.

Also, your custom shower comes with options that standard packaged shower doors do not. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. has the most experienced estimators and installers in the glass industry eliminating the worry for mistakes and making sure your shower door looks beautiful and professional.

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Call today to get a free estimate at 703-257-7150 or contact us by filling out a simple form. We also have a wonderful gallery of shower doors on our website you can browse through.

ABC serves Northern Virginia and all of its surrounding areas including Dominion Valley and Fairfax Station, so if you live in Northern VA and would like a shower door installed contact ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. today!

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