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Have you ever wondered how a frameless shower door works?  Sounds strange that a door could function without a frame, doesn’t it? Well, let ABC Glass help you understand how this beautiful addition to your home works.  First, there are a few different types of shower doors:

  • Frameless
  • Semi-frameless
  • Framed

Both the semi-frameless and framed doors sound somewhat self-explanatory, but let’s look more closely at the frameless shower.  The definition of a frameless shower door is that the door itself has no metal around it, whatsoever.  If you are trying to get a picture of what this might look like consider what a frameless door might look like when it is open.

On a frameless shower enclosure when the door is open there is nothing around the edges, no metal, only the hinges where the door meets the panel. This look allows for a more open and modern feel to your bathroom and on a practical level eliminates some of the gunk that can build up between the glass and metal.

Construction and Durability of a Frameless Shower Door

The frameless shower is a sturdy and dependable upgrade to your bathroom, while also drastically improving the aesthetics and function.  The way the frameless door is able to maintain its strength is due to the construction and mechanics of the entire enclosure.  The integrity of the door and entire enclosure is ensured by the use of glass clamps and hinges.  Sometimes a metal header is used depending on wall placement and other factors.  The header is not on the door, but on the glass enclosure itself.

Swing of the Traditional Frameless Shower Door

It is important to note that to keep safety a top priority in glass shower construction the swing of the door has to swing outward.  It can also swing inward, but if that is what you want as far as function understand that if it swings both ways do not spray water on the seam as it does not have a seal.  This lack of stripping can cause water leakage.  If this is a concern make sure that you have plenty of room to open your door outward.  A qualified shower door estimator will be able to easily measure and ensure that your shower door will work properly.

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