dining room table with glasses and plates neatly organized in-front of a multi-glass windowHas your dining room seen better days? Do you wish to improve its dated look or worn out feel? Glass may not be the first substance that comes to mind when you think of dining room remodeling, but it can certainly play a powerful role. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.


If you’re looking for an even more dramatic change, consider replacing your current dining table with one with just a glass top. A tempered glass table top can be used alone on an appropriate pedestal or other support system. A dining table with a transparent glass top does not appear to fill the space like a table fashioned from an opaque substance. Utilizing a table like this gives the room a more open atmosphere and spacious ambience. It also brings modern charm to the space.


glass dining table with fruit and silverware placed neatly on top of the table


Glass Shelving

Glass shelves can also play a role in renovating a dining room. A long low glass shelf can pay homage to the sideboards of the past and is the perfect surface for storing extra dishware, napkins, etc. Other dining room applications for glass shelves include:


• Storing glassware and beverages
• Displaying heirloom dishes
• Showing off a wooden salad bowl set


A Refurbished China Cabinet

Glass can also be used to breathe fresh life into a popular dining room fixture: the china hutch. In fact, if you don’t already have one, consider purchasing a used hutch and then refinishing it and beautifying it with glass and new hardware.

For starters cabinet glass can replace the existing door fronts on a hutch. Cabinet glass styles include clear, patterned, or frosted, and it immediately changes the look of the piece. Furthermore, glass shelving can replace the existing shelves on the hutch. These changes can be made in such a way as to preserve the vintage feel of a hutch or in a manner that will give it a more contemporary look.


Mirror Glass

Even mirror glass can be put to work making your dining room more inviting and aesthetically pleasing. Simple polished edge or beveled mirror is perfect for highlighting items on display on glass shelves, a sideboard, or another surface. Picture a mirror behind your array of wineglasses, for instance.

A framed mirror has these same reflective properties but also serves as more of a wall hanging in its own right. Make a large framed mirror the focal point of a bare wall or include a small framed mirror in a gallery wall.

Finally, if you want a dramatic impact or are seeking to make a small dining room feel larger, consider covering one wall with mirror glass. A mirror wall can be created via the installation of one huge mirror, by hanging several sizeable mirrors adjacent to one another, or by arranging many small mirrors in a tile-like configuration.

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