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Achieve greater success in your redecorating project with tips gathered by House Beautiful’s Caroline Picard. With home décor ideas from the experts you can more easily create the look and feel you desire in each room.

“Start with your color scheme.”

– The first décor secret Caroline brings us is from designer Gary Bournie of Boston. He gives us the inside scoop on his approach to giving an entire house a makeover. The first thing he decides upon is the palette, and then he utilizes his foundational color scheme in various ways in the different rooms.

“Put investment pieces front and center.”

– Next, we have designer Bunny Williams’ insight into the importance of showcasing the pieces we love most. She recommends giving our “antiques and unique finds” high visibility, especially in places like the bathroom.

“Fake height with low furniture.”

– The next tip Caroline shares comes from designer Todd Romano, who gives hints on making ceilings seem higher. In addition to “low slung” furniture, Todd likes to utilize lots of vertical lines as well as large wall mirrors.

“Give window trims a splash of color.”

– Designers Meg Braff and Jeffrey Bilhuber both like the idea of painting window trim in a shade that makes a statement, and green and black are among Jeffrey’s favorite choices.

“Warm up a room with mirrors.”

– Jan Showers recognizes the power of mirror glass to add elegance to a space. This designer recommends “a sectioned pattern in the traditional French style” rather than a single huge mirror.

“Don’t skimp on the sofa.”

– Next Caroline gives us the benefit of decorating tips from California’s Krista Ewart. This designer realizes that families with children might put off improving their space as they wait until a high-end couch could sit in the living room untouched by sticky fingers. However, she recommends purchasing a good-quality, family friendly sofa and saving “expensive designer fabric” for the accent pillows.

“Amplify neutrals with texture.”

– So says designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano of California. This advice involves adding visual and tactile depth to a space defined by neutral tones. Ohara achieves this by utilizing many different types of fabric and both “matte…and lustrous” finishes within the same space.

“Implement the 50/150 rule.” – Coming to us from design expert Mary Douglas Drysdale, this tip advises one to utilize one’s selected color along with “one batch of paint 50% lighter and another 150% darker.” Mary even gives us an example of how to put this technique to use with her photo of a blue kitchen with stripes of varying darkness on the walls.

You can check out photos that give examples of these design secrets, and read the rest of the pro decorating tips gathered by Caroline Picard of House Beautiful at

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