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Need fresh ideas for your homeschool room? To achieve the ideal educational space for your family, you’ll need to consider, color, lighting, comfort, organization, and scheduling, among other things. By putting a little extra time and effort into designing and furnishing your homeschooling room, you can reap rewards for years as you teach in an area that is conducive to cooperation and success.

Homeschool Room Colors

Color is often overlooked by both home educators and teachers in traditional school settings, but it definitely impacts students’ attitudes and behaviors as discussed at You’ll want to take into account the meanings and emotional impacts of various colors as you choose paint colors, flooring, and classroom furniture. Gentle blues and greens are recommended for large surfaces such as walls since these colors promote feelings of calm and well-being. Also, yellow accents are advisable since this is an energizing tone. If your homeschool room is large enough to divide into a few different sections, you can really put colors to use by emphasizing soothing colors in the study area, energetic yellows around the computer, and lots of bright accents near the art and craft table, for example.

Lighting in a Homeschool Room

The next consideration for your homeschooling room is lighting. The lighting must be bright enough to help students stay alert yet not so bright as to be over-stimulating or irritating. You may wish to experiment with various types of light bulbs and perhaps use different ones for different seasons due to fluctuation in the amount of natural light coming into the room. Dimmable lights are another great option since you can adjust them as needed depending on the day’s activities and the mood you wish to foster.  In addition to overhead lighting, don’t forget about lamps, which not only provide more lighting options but can add to the positive aesthetic quality of the room. An example would be an essay-writing station that helps inspire a child to write: a refinished second hand desk stocked with writing supplies and computer, a comfy desk chair, and a lovely antique-style desk lamp.

A Comfortable Educational Environment

Let’s take a closer look at the issue of comfort in a homeschool room. Achieving the right level of comfort in the classroom chairs can be even trickier than finding the perfect colors and lighting. Of course the problem is that the children might fall asleep if the seating is too plush but will fidget and get distracted in uncomfortable furniture. A lot depends on the temperaments and ages of the children you are teaching. For instance, you don’t have to worry about an active 5 year old nodding off, so you might want to go with an uber-comfy bean bag chair for reading lessons. Older students might appreciate quality office chairs, which are specially designed to be conducive to both comfort and productivity.

The Organized Homeschooling Room

Next, you’ll want to assess your organizational style and equip the room with storage and organizing solutions that work for you and your students. Possibilities include –

• A nice set of glass shelves for your high school student. By giving your teenager attractive, high-quality book shelves, you can inspire him or her to take care of the books and keep them organized.
• Small color coded bins stocked with pencils, pens, markers, notebooks, paper, erasers, etc. to help eliminate time wasted looking for materials.
• Clear cabinet glass on cupboard doors to encourage everyone to keep the cupboards’ contents neat and tidy.
• Individual desks complete with built-in drawers and shelves.
• Sturdy, flexible baskets for preschool supplies like alphabet blocks, counting beads, etc.

Scheduling Your Homeschooling Day

Also make sure that your homeschooling room includes the tools you need for successful scheduling of your day, your week, and special activities. Helpful additions include –

Whiteboard for writing assignments and due dates.
• Large wall calendar with stickers.
• Planners for you and each child.
Think about what has helped you with scheduling in the past and also research new ideas you’d like to try as you prepare your homeschooling room for a great 2015-2016 school year!

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