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Whether you’re a long-time homeschooling family or have been suddenly thrown into the world of virtual classes, creating the right study space within your home is a must. Working at the kitchen table or on the living room floor will do in a pinch, but children will likely be more focused, cooperative, and motivated in a dedicated school room. Not every one has a spare room ready to be converted into the perfect study room, so you may need to transform part of another area, such as the living room, dining room, or a bedroom.

1. Visually designate the space as a study area.

Frosted glass screen study area

If you have an entire room to work with, this is easily  accomplished by furnishing it with desks and so on. If you’re carving out a nook within another room, look for a way to visibly separate it or at least identify it as the “school space.” Possibilities include:

•  Set up a folding screen to divide the room and minimize distractions.

•  Have a frosted or patterned glass screen installed. This will add fresh, modern flair to both parts of the room.

•  Give the study nook its own color scheme. (But be sure it complements the color scheme of the room around it.)

•  Place a tall bookshelf adjacent to the corner of the room. The shelf will provide convenient storage and have the effect of partially walling off the corner from the rest of the living space.

2. Use calming colors and soothing patterns.

two children studying

The ideal educational space promotes feelings of peace without inducing sleep! Most of the color palette should be calm neutrals or relaxing shades of happy colors like blue or green. Energize the space as needed with brightly colored accent items, such as pencil canisters, educational posters, living plants, or artwork. If you want larger pops of color, desk chairs and area rugs provide further opportunities to liven things up.

3. Make the walls functional.

back painted glass can be used as a dry erase board

Of course, you could just hang a whiteboard in the school room, but these options are more fun and aesthetically pleasing:

•  Paint the walls with chalkboard paint. Install a small ledge around the perimeter of the space and stock it with chalk and erasers.

•  Have white back painted glass installed. It’s a beautiful wall covering that doubles as a high end marker board with ghost-less erasure.

•  Cover one or more walls with corkboard, so students can pin up reminders, in-progress assignments, finished art projects, and more.

For the most functional space possible, combine corkboard with chalkboard or whiteboard so students have one wall to write on and one where they can attach papers.

4. Provide smart lighting choices.

An overhead light is a must for late night projects or super cloudy days. However, if the room includes windows, natural lighting can be the best option as overly bright lights might make kids feel antsy. On the other hand, it’s nice to be able to switch on a bright ceiling light if everyone is getting sleepy. Keep your options open by also including desk lamps and table lamps at the different work areas within the space. To keep things cheery, drape white Christmas lights around the study room, too.

5. Make it easy to stay organized.

geometric glass wall shelves

Provide lots of surfaces and cubbies where things can be quickly put away. Glass wall shelves are a wonderful option because they give the space a professional feel and pair perfectly with bins and baskets of any style. Storage benches, rolling tray stands, and desks with built-in drawers are also good options. Avoid complex organizational systems and strive for storage that makes putting things away easy and appealing.

6. Design an inviting space.

comfortable decorated office

Last but not at all least, seek to create a space that’s enjoyable to be in. Comfortable desk chairs that promote good posture, cozy rugs on cool tile or linoleum, and effective heating and cooling options are just some examples. If the space tends to be hotter or colder than your kids prefer, a small fan or space heater can solve this problem and help them keep their minds on their assignments rather than their discomfort.

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