Our home organization tips can make your family’s school morning routine more convenient. Many families find that getting out the door on time becomes harder every time a new school year begins. Bringing greater structure and organization to your home and lifestyle can take some of the stress out of weekday mornings.

A key element of a low-stress routine is being able to find what you need easily. Many families are moving away from storage solutions like dressers and lidded tubs in favor of open shelving and open-topped bins. Keeping everything handy cuts down on the time it takes to do things, and it can also speed up chores like tidying and organizing one’s belongings

ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers custom shelving to meet your specific needs. We can help you add additional storage to your home in a way that is visually pleasing. You can choose clear, acid-etched, or patterned glass for the shelves themselves, and you get to further personalize the fixture by your selection of glass thickness and dimensions as well as the support system for the shelves. Glass shelves can be:

  • Added to a mud room to get backpacks and lunch boxes off the floor.
  • Installed in your dining room for easy storage of breakfast dishes.
  • Hung in children’s bedrooms to create a handy surface where homework supplies can be kept.
  • Brought into your living room to make a mini-library of school books, dictionaries, and so forth.

When everything is in its place and that place is easy to access, activities like packing backpacks and finding homework can be streamlined.

Along with organization, establishing a routine is a great practice for families who want to get out the door on time in the morning. Visual reminders are helpful to all of us, but sticky notes on the wall can detract from the ambiance of our living space! Find an appealing alternative in Dreamwalls back painted glass. When a piece of white back painted glass is adhered to your wall, it becomes a high-end dry erase board. This classy whiteboard is the perfect place to write down the morning schedule, chore reminders, instructions, and to-do lists. These visual reminders will help everyone stick to the new plan of action you devised. Tips for this new routine include:

  • Having a timetable for various activities; for instance, no eating after a certain time.
  • Doing things in the same order every day; for example – eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, pack backpack, put on shoes, get in car.
  • Schedule your departure from your house 5 minutes earlier than necessary to give yourself a cushion in case of unexpected delays.

Organized belongings and a common-sense routine are great first steps in streamlining the school morning drill. You can also integrate tried and true techniques that other parents have found helpful. Examples include:

  • Make lunches the evening before.
  • Set out school clothes and shoes the evening before.
  • Buy breakfasts that can be eaten on the go, such as granola bars and yogurt drinks.
  • Use a timer to let everyone know it’s time to get in the car.

If adding storage solutions or an attractive white board to your home will help streamline your school morning routine, you can count on ABC Glass and Mirror for quality products installed by trained crews. Learn more about the products and services we offer and how they can enrich your space by calling our shop at 703-257-7150 and setting up a free in-home consultation and estimate with one of our glaziers. We are committed to customer satisfaction and are eager to help you put glass fixtures to work improving the look and feel of your home!