Be prepared for fresh and exciting trends in home décor! 2020 interior designs will be rooted in nature yet make the most of modern technology and craftsmanship. The Interior Decor Trends blog lays out some popular 2020 style patterns that you’ll want to consider before you remodel or redecorate.

Get Ready for “Wellness Kitchens”

The first trend discussed is the wellness kitchen. Kitchens have long been designed with both beauty and convenience in mind, but 2020 kitchens will also promote wellness through their simplicity and inclusion of natural elements. Details to consider including in your updated kitchen include:

  • Lots of living plants in the room
  • Open shelving for a simple, minimalist look.
  • Dishes formed from natural substances.
  • The latest in room temperature control for an ideal “climate” within the kitchen.
  • As much natural light as possible.

Terazzo Tiles for Walls as Well as Floors

Next up is terazzo tile (which is a composite product made up of chips of granite, marble, glass, etc. bound together by concrete or epoxy). It is durable and available in a wide range of looks and colors. Today’s designers use it for both flooring and as a wall covering.

The Rise of ECO Style

ECO style is nature themed. Shades of green impact people positively, and are prominent in this style. Another foundational element is living plants, which means indoor vertical gardens will be popular in 2020.

Transparent Home Decorating Elements

Light, bright interiors are valued, so see-through furnishings will also be utilized in 2020 home designs. Examples include:
• Glass
• Translucent fabrics

To further this effect, pastels will be paired with the transparent pieces.

Don’t Neglect the Ceiling!

Ceiling design has become more important for achieving the perfect look in a room. Well thought-out geometric patterns and lines are being painted on ceilings in rooms of various styles and themes. A unique and beautiful ceiling is suitable for just about any part of the house.

2020 Colors Look to Nature

Color trends in 2020 will focus on generating a peaceful and tranquil mood in the home. Favorite hues will be shades of indigo, green, and rose. These tones will invoke nature and the calming vibes it inspires. Comfy, cozy furnishings will complement this palette.

“Relax/Recharge” Through Color Immersion

Promoting relaxation will be fundamental to home adornment choices in 2020, and this will also take the form of drenching a room in variations of a single tone. Walls, ceiling, flooring, furniture, etc. can all be the same basic color, as long as you choose different but complimentary shades.

Boho Makes a Comeback

The hippy vibes of the boho style will be on the rise in 2020. This mode includes ethnic patterns and artwork, materials from nature, and colorful prints. The ambiance in a boho room is natural, peaceful, and beautiful.

1960’s Style Furniture

Upholstered chairs and sofas in the fashion of the 60’s will be yet another 2020 trend. Expect to see bright colors, natural materials, and retro designs.

Ethnic Motifs

Finally, one more trend to watch for in 2020 is the inclusion of ethnic patterns and designs. Japanese and Morrocan motifs will be popular as will shade of terracotta.

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