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As the concept of green cleaning rises in popularity, many families are seeking to cut down on the amount of toxic chemicals used in their homes. There are several different approaches to keeping a bathroom clean naturally.

For starters, a good maintenance routine will keep your bathroom from getting disgustingly dirty to begin with. Let’s face it, when we bring out the harsh cleaners, it’s often because a surface or appliance has gotten extremely soiled.

Here are some ideas for convenient and effective maintenance.

•    Dry the shower glass and hardware after use. (This may not be necessary if you have ShowerGuard glass or glass coated with EnduroShield.)
•    If you don’t have protected glass, use a spray-on coating at regular intervals.
•    Wipe down bathroom surfaces while supervising toddler bath time.
•    Start the practice of tidying and spot cleaning the bathroom before bed.

Next let’s look at some natural elements that can be used for cleaning. (Note that you should check the manufacturers’ instructions for your specific appliances and surfaces before trying a cleaning agent.)

•    Lemon juice can be added to water to create a fresh smelling glass cleaner. (But be sure to avoid getting this on brass plated hardware since it will damage the finish.)
•    Vinegar can be used to clean mirror glass and also has disinfectant properties.

•    Baking soda is an effective scrubbing powder that naturally deodorizes.
•    Homemakers also make cleaning solutions with water and essential oils such as lemon or tea tree.

If you like to simply purchase bottled cleaning agents, you are in luck. Pre-packaged natural cleaning solutions are available from companies including:

•    Sun and Earth
•    Radiantly You
•    Seventh Generation

Using non-toxic, natural products, you might find that you actually like how they smell. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about what you’re inhaling or spend time doing extra rinses.

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