When you invest in a custom glass shower, finding the perfect design is crucial. After the shower is installed, it’s also vital to take proper care of it so that it continues to add beauty to the bathroom as the years go on. This list of tips will help you avoid common pitfalls. However, more assistance is available! ABC Glass and Mirror will gladly set you up with a free in-home consultation with one of our glass shower estimators – (703)257-7150.

1. Don’t create a space that is impossible to clean. When designing a new glass shower enclosure, be sure that you do not accidentally create a gap or crevice in your bathroom which you can’t reach and where moisture, mildew, and mold will proliferate.

2. Remember that successful shower design begins even before you order the glass. For example, it’s crucial to ensure that the shower floor and curb have the proper slope. Otherwise, leaks and/or slow drainage are likely to take place. Effective communication among yourself and the various tradespersons involved in the remodel helps things run smoothly from the beginning all the way to a finished shower you’ll love.

3. Glass tiles and backpainted glass shower wall panels are gorgeous and complement a glass shower door. However, a well thought-out design is a must because glass cannot be installed where holes or screws are needed as drilling through the glass will crack it. An easy fix is to pair your glass wall covering with traditional tiles that can be installed in these specific areas.

4. Several basic door styles are available – swinging, rolling, and bypass. All are functional and user-friendly, but rolling and bypass doors are more space efficient. Swinging doors are just fine as long as there is free space around the shower so that they can open without hitting anything or blocking a walkway. Although they can be installed to also open inward, building codes prohibit shower doors that do not swing outward as well.

5. Once you’ve designed, ordered, and had your dream shower installed, taking proper care of it is essential to its lasting beauty and usefulness. In most cases, drying the shower glass after use is a fundamental part of shower door care. Keeping a squeegee or soft towel handy makes this easy to do. However, if you choose to upgrade to ShowerGuard glass when placing your order, the need for this may be eliminated. ShowerGuard glass is permanently seal, which means cleaning is easier and needed less frequently.

6. All shower doors should be regularly cleaned, but make sure you don’t inadvertently damage the glass in the process.

• Avoid all scratchy material and harsh, abrasive cleaning agents.

• Use only soft sponges and cloths paired with approved cleansers.

If you do opt for ShowerGuard, specific care guidelines will be provided.


7. Last but not least, take advantage of the expertise of craftsmen who have experience with glass shower doors. ABC Glass and Mirror offers free, in-home consultations and estimates. If you decide to partner with us, our team will work with you throughout the process from determining the ideal shower configuration through installation. Call (703)257-7150 to get started!

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