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If you’ve made the decision to add a glass shower enclosure to your bathroom, you certainly want this new fixture to be perfectly suited to the room’s décor and useful on a practical level. Choosing the right enclosure dimensions is a key aspect of successfully upgrading your bathroom with a sparkling glass stall.

To begin with, the location of the glass shower will partially determine which design and dimensions are best. A corner shower, for instance, can be right angle or neo-angle. A right angle corner shower is created by adding two glass sides to a corner and creating a square or rectangular shower stall. A neo-angle corner shower, on the other hand, is formed by adding three panels of glass. Two fixed walls are installed at 90 degrees to the existing walls, and the enclosure is finished off with a swinging door panel that meets the other glass panels at 35 degree angles.

Which of these, neo-angle or right angle, is best for your bathroom? To find out, try using painter’s tape on the floor to mark off both options and see how each type of enclosure would impact the look and convenience of your space. Is there room for a right angle stall? Or would the corner where glass meets glass jut out too far into your space? In more compact bathrooms, a neo-angle stall is often the alternative that allows you to create a sufficiently roomy enclosure without sacrificing too much floor space.

While popular, the two types of corner shower are not your only options for stall design. Other possibilities include:

•    Adding a door and fixed panel to your existing shower area.
•    Creating a free-standing enclosure with every wall made of glass.
•    Designing an enclosure with a unique custom shape.

A final consideration when choosing the dimensions of your new glass shower is scale. The stall size should be proportionate to the size of the room and the other fixtures. For example, in a medium sized bathroom, it would look awkward to have a humongous glass shower, minimal open floor space, and a tiny vanity. Alternatively, a little single stall corner shower could seem lost in a vast master bathroom.

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