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Ordering a glass shower enclosure or tub doors for the first time? These pro tips will help you avoid common – and sometimes costly – mistakes. If you’d like to learn more and discuss the particulars of your project, just give ABC Glass & Mirror a call at (703)257-7150 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

#1 Clear frameless glass is best for showing off tile.

clear frameless glass

If you’re having beautiful new shower tile put in, why hide it behind frosted or patterned glass shower doors? Enjoy your new tile every time you enter the bathroom, not just while you’re showering, by choosing clear frameless glass. There are no metal strips to interrupt the view of the tile, and you can even order ultra-clear low iron glass for maximum clarity and reduced green distortion around the glass edges.

#2 Don’t make uncleanable nooks and crannies.

have less nooks and crannies in your glass

Sometimes a glass shower design looks perfect on paper but is problematic in real life. For example, if a glass wall is right next to a vanity, there will be a small gap. Moisture, mold, and mildew can accumulate here, but there’s no way to reach in and clean it. Discussing your glass shower design with an industry professional before you commit to a plan is will help you avoid this kind of pitfall.

#3 Use glass tiles and back painted glass shower panels wisely.

use glass tiles and back painted glass panels

Like glass shower and bathtub doors, glass tiles and back painted glass shower panels are beautiful additions to any bathroom. As you’re laying out the shower design, be sure you don’t place these glass elements anywhere that you’ll need to drive screws or drill holes – where the hinges are going, for instance. Drilling through glass will likely crack it, so use traditional tile in these areas.

#4 Coordinate with other tradespersons for shower enclosure success.

shower enclosure success

The shower curb is often a key element to water containment, but it is not part of the glass enclosure. Communicate with other tradespersons to ensure that the curb slopes slightly toward the interior of the shower stall. If the curb is level – or worse yet sloped toward the bathroom floor – leaks can occur.

#5 For the easiest upkeep choose frameless design and clear ShowerGuard glass.

frameless glass designs

Glass shower enclosures lose their luster if soap scum and water spots are allowed to build up. For the easiest upkeep, choose:

• Frameless – Why? Without metal framing, you just have a smooth glass surface to dry and clean.

• Clear – Why? The surface of clear glass is smooth, unlike that of patterned or frosted glass. This also makes it easier to remove soap and tap-water residue.

• ShowerGuard – Why? ShowerGuard glass is permanently sealed during manufacturing so that its surface is no longer porous. This keeps it clean longer, makes it easier to wash, and sometimes (depending on tap water quality) removes the necessity of drying the glass after using the shower.

Want personalized shower enclosure advice?

personalized shower enclosures

Call ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150 and set up a free in-home meeting with one of our glass experts. You can check out product samples, delve deeply into the glass shower options, and get answers to all your questions!

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