Going out to eat is the norm for most people….at least every once and awhile. So it is important that restaurants protect their Northern Virginia customers via glass sneeze guards.  Having a piece of glass to act as a barrier between customers and the displayed food keeps the food from becoming contaminated from common germs and bacteria.  The sneeze guard is a simple solution to maintaining a cleanly restaurant environment by allowing the customer see the food clearly, but at the same time keeps unwanted touching and sneezing at bay. Glass sneeze guards can be custom designed to fit any shape countertop.


A sneeze guard is created by using three main components: glass, metal posts and clamps.  The clamps secure the glass in a vertical position to the metal posts and the metal posts can be secured to the top of the counter space.  The two types of hardware materials available to create a custom designed sneeze guard are stainless steel or aluminum.  Make your restaurant both more beautiful and healthier by having a custom glass sneeze guard installed. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can help to bring your customers a safer dining experience by creating a custom glass sneeze guard for your Northern Virginia restaurant.  Give us a call today at 703-257-7150 for your free estimate and custom measure.


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