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Glass wall panels for office

The way we live in our homes is constantly evolving – especially in the last few years. Glass is a wonderful material for bringing your living space up to speed with your family’s needs because of its versatility, visual appeal, and impermeable surface. Unlike some of its alternatives, glass does not absorb moisture and it is easy to sanitize. Check out 3 ways you may have never thought of using glass in your house.

Create a Multi-Purpose Room for Your Changing Lifestyle

Bringing activities home was a necessity in 2020, but many have discovered that they prefer working remotely, exercising at home, or homeschooling. Remodeling in the traditional sense can be time consuming and disruptive, but creating a new room with glass partitions is a breeze. Glass panels and doors can be quickly installed, and if needed down the road, they are much easier to relocate or remove than sheetrock walls. Many of us don’t have enough room to create separate spaces for all our at-home endeavors, and this is where a multi-functional room is an appealing option. Check out a few of the possible combos:

  • Home office/gym: One nook can serve as both your workspace and your exercise retreat. Differentiating this area from the surrounding space with a glass room divider gives you privacy and the ability “leave the office” at the end of your work day. Furnish it with a desk, comfortable chair, lamp, and shelves for your teleworking needs. Include your exercise equipment in a visually appealing way. For example, you can fill a large woven bin with your mat, dumbbells, and so forth. 
  • School room/home office: If your kids are homeschooling or taking virtual classes, the same room could serve as a homeschool room and your office. Privacy glass screens between desks can help minimize distractions, and the whole family will appreciate this dedicated space for study and work.
  • Home gym/home bar: This one might seem counterintuitive, but so many of the same items make great additions to both a home bar and a home gym – wall mirror, mini-fridge, blender, and wall shelves. Be thoughtful as you paint, furnish, and equip this space so that it has a stylish theme and color scheme. Work out and drink protein shakes during the day, and then relax with a cocktail in the evening, all in the same charming space you’ve created with glass room dividers.
Glass panels and doors to dining room
Glass panels and doors to home gym

Elevate Your Dining Room with a Glass Table Top

Modern glass table top

Glass is also a good tool for freshening up your dining room. Custom glass table tops can be cut in the exact dimensions of your current table surface and then placed atop it. Rather than buying a new dining room set, you can give your existing one a makeover by adding glass. Customers of ABC Glass & Mirror can choose from these options:

  • Clear glass: A transparent glass table covering adds sparkle AND protects the top from spills and damage while keeping it visible.
  • Acid-etched: This “frosted” glass works well when you want a glass top that not only adds beauty to your table but hides any stains or scratches.
  • Patterned: Similarly, patterned glass keeps the original top somewhat visible but is great for camouflaging problem areas.
  • Tinted: Gray or bronze tinted glass adds sheen while simultaneously tweaking your color scheme.
  • Back painted: If you want a completely new look for your table top, back painted glass will hide the original surface. Back painted glass is opaque because it consists of ultra-clear glass that has paint applied to the underside.

Give Yourself Endless Possibilities with a Glass Whiteboard

Speaking of back painted glass, this versatile product is not only decorative but can also serve as a dry erase board. Choose white back painted glass and pick the perfect dimensions for your wall space. Even if nothing is written on it, this makes a sleek, minimalist wall hanging. An artist in your family can decorate it as a cute sign, an inspirational message, an abstract pattern, a mural, etc. Best of all, it’s also perfect for demonstrating a math skill to your kids, writing a weekly menu, or organizing your to-do list.

If you would like to implement one of these ideas or improve your home with another type of glass or mirror, call ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150. We deliver and install glass and mirror customized to your needs and preferences, so contact us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

Example of a glass white board blackslpash

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