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Is 2017 the year to give your bathroom a makeover? Don’t stop with buying new towels and saying farewell to the toilet rug! Use glass fixtures to really make your bathroom shine. Here are 5 fresh ideas for putting glass to work in your bathroom.

1. Glass Steam Shower Enclosure

What better way to upgrade your space than with a steam shower? Get set to enjoy spa-inspired relaxation in the convenience of your own home. Adding a steam shower or converting your existing shower into a steam unit requires more than just the steam shower apparatus itself, though. The shower enclosure must also be modified so that it:

• Fully seals up to trap the steam.
• Has an interior made of materials that withstand humid conditions.
• Includes a transom for steam control.

Addressing these needs by ordering a custom glass steam enclosure means that you’ll enjoy the steam shower experience in an aesthetically pleasing setting. Fashioned from frameless glass, ABC Glass and Mirror’s steam showers are custom designed to fit in your bathroom and meet your design goals.

2. A Framed Mirror Over the Vanity

If the sink area in your bathroom is boring or lacks charm, an easy fix may be just around the corner. Most stock sized rectangular vanity mirrors can be adorned with a frame without ever being removed from the wall. Thanks to MirrorMate’s ReadyFrame, ABC offers this convenient method of dressing up the sink area at relatively little cost and effort.

However, at times it is beneficial to get new mirror glass as well. Perhaps the current mirror is chipped or otherwise damaged, or maybe you’ve realized that you need a larger mirror since two people use it at once. In this case you can pick both the mirror glass and a Custom Frame by MirrorMate.

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3. Glass Shelves Behind the Commode

One thing you don’t want your re-vamped bathroom to be short on is convenient storage space. Take advantage of what is often wasted wall space by having custom glass shelves hung behind the commode. Glass shelves can be made from clear, frosted, or patterned glass, and there are many options for the brackets or other supports. Your custom shelves can be tailored to the style of the bathroom and the purpose for which they will be used. Glass shelves give you surfaces that are perfect for everything from storing extra towels to displaying the shells you collected on your last beach vacation!

4. Hiding the Toilet Behind Frosted Glass

Give your bathroom a high end feel with a toilet partition. Instead of the sight of a potty, you will enjoy the elegance of frosted glass. A glass half-wall is often the perfect screen for the commode – subtle and space friendly while effectively keeping this less attractive appliance from greatly impacting the room’s ambiance.

5. How About a Skylight?

A wonderful, but often overlooked, bathroom upgrade is a skylight. This type of window represents an ideal method for bringing in more natural light without compromising privacy. Skylights are fabricated from laminated glass for safety and security. This glass is made up of three layers – outer layers of glass adhered to a central sheet of transparent vinyl. Even if broken, the glass stays in place stuck fast to the vinyl.

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