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It might be a while since you’ve welcomed houseguests, but this handy checklist will help you avoid overlooking anything as you prepare for family or friends this Christmas season. If certain parts of your home need more than a touch-up and a little TLC, consider scheduling some professional repairs and upgrades. (For example, a professionally installed custom glass shower enclosure will give the guest bathroom a totally new vibe!)

1. Do a general clean-out and clean-up.

Houseguests on the (figurative) horizon are a signal to declutter immediately! If your living space is packed to the gills, it will be virtually impossible to maintain any semblance of tidiness with extra people in the house. Eliminate items that should be discarded, donated, or put in the attic until next summer and then find or create storage solutions for everything else. If you’re short on floor space, consider innovative options like these:

  • Hang unique or handmade hooks on the entryway wall for coats, purses, hats, etc.
  • Have glass wall shelves installed anywhere you need extra surfaces for books, knick-knacks, miscellaneous bins, etc. 
  • Choose pieces of furniture – like storage ottomans and benches – that double as containers.

Along with the guest rooms themselves, you’ll want to clean at least all of your home’s main living space. This can be a good time to splurge on a professional cleaning service. The question is whether to have your home deep cleaned in preparation for holiday guests or to do it after everyone has gone home!

Dress up your front porch with festive decorations for the holidays
Tidy up your living room in preparation for holiday guests

2. Look at your guest rooms with fresh eyes.

Decorate your guest rooms with holiday themed items

Whether you have a dedicated guest suite, are making up beds in the basement, or something in between, cast a discerning eye around the space where your guests will be sleeping. Are the walls full of smudges and fingerprints? Has the carpet taken on a musty odor? Are light bulbs out? Is the overall look dated and dingy instead of cozy and welcoming? If you notice some problem areas, keep in mind that relatively inexpensive makeovers can dramatically change a room’s mood.

  • Repaint. Choose a color that’s not too different from the original shade so you don’t need very many coats.
  • Replace yucky area rugs or carpet. (In an older home, sometimes you can pull up carpeting to reveal hardwood floors beneath it.)
  • Update light fixtures and/or replace any problematic bulbs.
  • Introduce stylish but inexpensive pieces like accent pillows, throws, and wall art.

3. Spruce up the guest bathroom.

We judge businesses by the cleanliness of their bathrooms, so while your guests hopefully won’t be judging you, an inviting guest bathroom will add to their comfort. This room should be flawlessly clean, so it might be best to have it professionally cleaned before your guests arrive and to touch it up afterwards. Make sure the bathroom is stocked with:

  • Soft bath towels, free of stains or holes.
  • Extra hand towels and washcloths.
  • Necessities that your guests may have forgotten such as toothpaste and shampoo.
  • Scented toilet spray and something to make the whole room smell nice like potpourri or an essential oil diffuser.
  • An absorbent bath mat.
  • Motion-activated night light since they’ll be in an unfamiliar space.

If the bathroom needs more but you don’t have time before this Christmas season, get the wheels moving on your renovation in the New Year. Popular trends include marble, zellige tiles, free standing tubs, and frameless and Gridscape glass shower doors.

Cozy, plush, pink bath towels
Motion activated bathroom light

4. Make the bedroom a cozy retreat.

Cozy bedroom with warm colors

Regardless of where your houseguests will be sleeping, you can welcome them with comfort. Clean, stain-free sheets are a must. In fact, this might be the right time to update your sheets and treat your visitors to pristine white bed linens. You don’t need to provide new comforters and blankets; just make sure everyone has enough bedclothes to stay warm. Adding an accent pillow or fluffy throw makes any bed, sleeper sofa, or air mattress look more charming and inviting! Also, if guests are sleeping in the basement, keep in mind that it might be chilly and offer a space heater.

5. Finish everything off with thoughtful personal touches.

Once the rooms are clean and inviting, you can add the perfect finishing touches for each guest. It’s best to think about what would be meaningful to the particular friends or relatives who will be visiting. Examples include:

  • Health and fitness enthusiasts might love a bowl of fresh fruit and an exercise mat in the guest room.
  • A vase of fresh flowers is always welcome as long as your visitor does not have allergies.
  • Families with children will appreciate a toy basket and some kids’ movies.
  • If guests are visiting from warmer areas, help them feel cozy with a bedside rug and new pairs of fuzzy slippers.

If any custom glass or mirror is needed in your home, we invite you to call ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150. We supply, deliver, and install glass shower enclosures, shelves, table tops, wall mirrors and more!

Glass table top with a bowl of fruit centerpiece

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