The best storage options look fabulous in your home while keeping your belongings – anything from collectibles to food! – organized and accessible. Think outside the box when you need to organize your home on a budget or want to create truly unique storage space. Here are 4 ideas – how do you create beautiful and convenient storage?

1. Decorative food storage on your kitchen counter.

If cupboards are overflowing, consider moving some dry goods to the kitchen counter. To make this add to, rather than detract from, your kitchen’s style, buy canisters to fill with flour, sugar, popcorn seeds, etc. Many cute canister options are offered at both upscale and discount home stores, with choices ranging from ceramic to metal. Some containers even have mini chalkboards so you can label the contents. Also, don’t forget that a vintage cookie jar will add charm to just about any kitchen. If you’re not into a daily dose of cookies, fill it with granola bars, fruit and nut bags, or another healthy snack

2. Fill an unused wall with open shelving.

Open shelving is user-friendly and attractive in pretty much any part of a home from the kitchen to the bedroom.  Many options are available with wood and glass shelves being among the most popular. Glass shelving can be custom-cut and professionally installed if you work with a glass company such as ABC Glass and Mirror. This is especially nice if want the shelving to fit correctly in a specific nook, need shelves of various sizes to create a desired look, or don’t have time to shop around for stock sized shelves that will meet your needs.

3. Purchase an antique storage piece to add charm to any room.

Whether you want to add warmth to a modern design, increase the vintage appeal of an older home, or create an eclectic décor scheme, purchasing an antique is a fabulous storage option. Possibilities include:

  • An old-fashioned traveling trunk to go at the foot of a bed.
  • A sideboard for your dining room.
  • A wardrobe to function as an extra closet in an entryway or other space.
  • A vintage desk for your office or as an accent piece that doubles as a place to stash bills, paperwork, and so on.

4. Fill bookcase shelves with bins and baskets.

An old bookcase can be turned into a convenient storage solution for a child’s bedroom, a school room, or a play area. If the bookcase lacks visual appeal, give it a fresh coat of paint first. Next buy bins and/or baskets to line the shelves. There are so many ways you can go with this – an eclectic assortment that is tied together by a common color scheme, identical bins for a very tidy feel, or even labeled containers that make it easy to find what you need.

ABC Glass and Mirror can help you add beautiful storage options to your living space. In addition to installing glass shelves on a wall, we can put them in closets or use them to replace damaged shelves inside cabinets. Additionally, we offer glass door fronts (cabinet glass) that can take the place of the wooden door fronts on existing cupboard doors. Give our team a ring at (703)257-7150 to learn more or set up a complimentary consultation about any of our products!