Fresh coats of paint on your front door can effectively transform the ambience of your entryway and give your home’s exterior a boost. Colors that work well for this application range from soft and subtle to bold and bright.


As you browse paint samples, consider –

•  The general style of your residence.
•  Your home’s setting – the yard’s colors and theme.
•  Meanings of colors.
•  Your personal color preferences.


There are a few different routes you can go when choosing paint for your front door, and one is to give your home’s entrance a peaceful, restful quality. This approach is especially appealing if you see your home as a haven to which you return after a day’s work or a retreat where you enjoy relaxing time with loved ones. Subdued gray and green tones are among the options that can impart a sense of calm and quiet.


A few of these shades are highlighted in’s slideshow of front door colors at


•  Farrow and Ball “Folly Green” – a pale, nature-inspired green evocative of “shade” and promoting a sense of tranquility.
•  Farrow and Ball “Carriage Green” – this dark green is nearly black, imparting the stability and repose of a pine forest.
•  Benjamin Moore “Hampshire Rocks” – light gray with a hint of lavender to create “elegance” and peace.


Another possibility is to create an entrance space that is bright, cheery, and energizing, an inviting option for those who view their homes as places of creativity, activity, and socialization. A number of radiant shades are featured at, such as Benjamin Moore “Chic Lime,” Benjamin Moore “Sunburst,” Benjamin Moore “Venezualan Sea,” and Fine Paints of Europe “Tulip Red.” Each of these bright paint choices would make your front door a splash of color on your home’s exterior, and they are inviting hues that draw the eye to the door and give your house an inviting, welcoming ambience.


Along with choosing the perfect paint color for your front door,be sure to give your windows the attention they need. Depending on the style of your residence, this could mean adding or repainting shutters. Keep in mind that it is not necessary – and not always desirable – for the shutters to match the front door color. You can achieve great visual impact by using three complementary colors for the home’s exterior, the shutters, and the front door. You may also wish to replace the windows themselves if they are ugly, damaged, or drafty. Modern energy-efficient windows are available in a range of styles that can coordinate with your home whether its style is contemporary, Victorian, or something in between. Contact ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at 703-257-7150 for new windows or replacement glass for your existing windows.


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