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Planning a move? Freshome’s Cynthia Bowman is here to help with 5 insights on decorating your new house. A move can be the perfect catalyst for improving décor and achieving a more functional interior design. Keep Cynthia’s savvy tips in mind to help ensure your success in giving your home the charm and aesthetic appeal you’ve been envisioning.

At the top of the list is eliminating clutter…

The routine of packing, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking makes most people realize that they own more items than they use or want. However, this realization comes a little late if you’ve already paid someone to move this stuff and now have the hassle of getting rid of it in the midst of unpacking and setting up your new home. To avoid this predicament, purge your current home before it’s time to start packing. This is time well spent as it will instantly improve your existing home and make the process of packing up quicker and easier.

Cynthia’s next insight – “Some of the furniture from the old home may not fit in the new place” – is helpful as you shop for furnishings that correspond with your new dwelling. Why might you need to buy new furniture? The size, shape, or style of a piece may not work with the dimensions, layout, or architecture of the room in your new home. However, you can avoid this problem in the future by choosing the replacements wisely. Opting for furnishings that are “classic,” “neutral,” and “modular” increases the odds that they’ll fit in just fine with your next home. And there’s no need to worry about your living space becoming bland and boring – accent items and accessories are the perfect medium for introducing bold colors and patterns that showcase your personality.

In a similar vein, remember that furniture which weighs a lot makes moving more of a headache, both in terms of getting the pieces to your new residence and then moving them around within a room to figure out the perfect look. Just think about how heavy that large antique mirror is! While lightweight furniture once equaled poor quality furniture, this is not the case today thanks to innovative designs and a broad range of materials used. So keep weight in mind, as well as neutrality, as you shop for items to furnish your new home.

Many homeowners hire a home stager to give their current living space its best possible look as the house goes on the market. However, once this process is complete, your home might look so good that you have second thoughts about leaving! Can you achieve a similarly inviting living area in your new home? Cynthia’s suggestions for doing just this include:

  • Eliminate clutter.
  • Put belongings away right away.
  • Be intentional about the hues and accent items placed in each room.
  • Read up on basic home décor principles.
  • Periodically change a room’s setup and decorations to keep things fresh.

Finally, homeowners are reminded that the time to make improvements to a new house is before or immediately after moving in. If you wait to paint, to unpack some boxes, etc., you probably won’t do it for years. Moving is by nature inconvenient, so you want to take care of all the mundane upgrades and repairs at the same time, before you relax and get settled in your new residence.

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